A nice-looking, modern and sober theme for Kopete conversations, with a touch of Oxygen style.

- With or without the avatar side-bar
- Full or compact message headings
- Six well-balanced color choices
- Supports non-rectangular avatar icons
- Supports transparent avatar icons
- Copy discussions as text without any glitch
- Time stamp with date in the tooltip
- Supports Right to Left languages
- Includes SVG image sources, with clean, commented HTML and CSS for designers to base theire theme on (with a script to auto-generate all the variant combinations)

If you would want to use Glossyk but are not totally satisfied with a color scheme, please leave a comment here on what should be changed.


9 years ago

Version 4.2.1:
- The non-compact Legend variant was still having an old draft avatar-bar image. This is corrected.

Version 4.2:
- Added a new color scheme: Legend (Light & Dark Blue)
- Long unbreakable urls now have their own scrollbar, instead of putting one horizontal scrollbar for the whole conversation.

Version 4.0:
- Six new well-balanced color schemes
- Always use one line of text in headings (in case of a very long names)
- Fixed problems with unwanted scrollbars with previous KDE versions
- Renamed the theme from "Glossyk" to "Glossyk 4" because variant names have changed (without the rename, you would have both old and new variant names). Make sure to select "Glossyk 4" in Kopete, and you can remove "Glossyk" since it is duplicated now

Version 3.0:
- Includes a "Compact" variant, as well as a "Compact, No Avatar Bar" one, for people wanting to save precious pixels like me :-)
- Keep aspect-ratio in mini-icons too

Version 2.0.1:
- Includes SVG sources of every elements
- Includes the source of the background image of avatars

Version 2.0:
- More modern and more elaborate graphics, featuring Oxygen-like light reflextion, glass-like avatar squares and message headings, pastel-like avatar-bar background, more visible message separations
- Perfect "copy discussion as text"
- Do not distorse non-square buddy icons
- Perfect "Right to Left" language support
- Show date and seconds in the tooltip of the time
- A little bit more compact
- Cleaner HTML & CSS sources (allowing easier future new variants)

Version 1.0:
- Initial version

10 years ago



I don't think being able to configure the avatar bar position is so interesting.

I already plan to do a lot of variants.
With every combinations it's arround 50 variants to make :-/
I should try to keep the number of variants below 100 ;-)

Moreover, having the avatar bar on the right make the whole theme to feel un-natural.
Why? Because the scrollbar is always on the right, and when scrolling, only the left part will move (the conversation) while everybody learned for years that a scrollbar always scroll the area just aside it.

Having the avatar bar on the left is much more natural, the scrollbar acts as expected and the avatar bar is more recognized as an independant component of the window;


10 years ago


I like your "patchwork". Specially the abatars bar and the effects on the buddy icons.

You're encouraged me to still working on kONE. A lot of ideas has not been implemented yet and yes, HTML/CSS needs a rewrite now!

Again, nice job!



10 years ago


lol, for the patchwork I added little new divs, and then little new classes, and then more divs and more classes... Finally it's more uggly than I wanted :-) I developped quiclky without trying to clean everything :-)

I'm glad to have encouraged you to continue kONE. It's why I love free software: it's all about a good mix of cooperation and clean competition.



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