Susan Janet Voitel , Germany

OxySeasons: OxyXmas

Icon Themes Dec 02 2012
Score 66%
34 Dislikes

Simply Elegant

Icon Themes Nov 04 2011
Score 65%
35 Dislikes

Gaia Xmas

Plasma Themes Dec 27 2010
Score 55%
45 Dislikes

Mint blogbutton

Logos Feb 13 2010
Score 54%
46 Dislikes

nuoveXT Black

Icon Themes May 06 2008
Score 77%
23 Dislikes


Wallpaper Other Sep 08 2007
Score 64%
36 Dislikes

nuoveXT root

Icon Themes Sep 30 2006
Score 63%
37 Dislikes

kandies in blue

Wallpaper Other Jan 09 2006
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Violet Comeback 2017.08 Plasma Themes
Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Sep 30 2017
Thanks for your mail and for the new version - no need to alter it myself, it's perfect! :) Aug 13 2017
Wonderful, I love the colors. I'm just thinking of replacing the yellow underlined task buttons with a more subdued color, either violet or kinda turquoise... Gives a splendid night theme: [url][/url] Aug 12 2017
Score 67%
33 Dislikes
Aug 13 2017
Looks nice - is just a bit small... Can you please add a 48 version? Aug 13 2017
Opendesktop App 3.0.3 System Software
Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Feb 16 2018
Nice - but when I download a file it downloads automatically to my Download folder and I always have to sort the downloaded files afterwards. Can you please add an option to always *ask* where to download to? Aug 13 2017
MMD Purple Pink Darkness -1 Plasma Color Schemes
1 comment
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Jun 27 2015
So great! It really seems to glow! May 07 2017
MyIPink v1.0 Icon Themes
Score 58%
42 Dislikes
Jan 28 2009
Can someone maybe re-upload and post a link to the icon theme?
May 07 2017
Excalibur 2.6 Plasma 5 Menus
Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Feb 05 2018
I just installed the 5.8 mversion on an Ubuntu 16.04 with Plasma 5.8.5 LTS. Alas the menu and with it the whole plasma desktop often crashes on right clicks (e.g. to add a favorite or remove a favorite or just to view the recent documents for an application).

BTW: It would be great if the icon size would be configurable - 16x16 is extremely tiny. I also miss an option to sort the menu entries, so that the submenus are always at the top. Apr 24 2017
QML Animated wallpapers 0.1 Wallpaper Other
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Sep 25 2014
How to achieve this for Plasma 5?
Feb 11 2017
Tiled Menu 18 Plasma 5 Menus
Score 72%
28 Dislikes
Sep 25 2017
I cannot tell you the "KDE" version as that'S all so splitted... KDE Frameworks 5.21.0,
Qt 5.5.1, Plasma 5.5.4... Netrunner 17 on Kubuntu 15.10 base still... Nov 16 2016
What went wrong? I installed it, put the widget into the panel, icon appears - but no menu:

Error loading QML file: file:///home/me/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.zren.tiledmenu/contents/ui/Main.qml:15:2: Type SearchModel unavailable
file:///home/me/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.zren.tiledmenu/contents/ui/SearchModel.qml:35:3: Cannot assign to non-existent property "appletInterface"

What are the minimum requirements?
Nov 16 2016
Desktop snail 1.0 Plasma 5 Various
Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Sep 02 2017
Funny - but the breakdance moves are a little irritating... Nov 16 2016
Yahoo! Weather Widget 5.2.0 Plasma 5 Weather
Score 68%
32 Dislikes
Apr 22 2016
It always sais "Error1: please check your network".... My internet connection is fine and I have enterend the AFAIK correct WOEID (found on as never findes anything).

Sep 24 2016
Shadow 4.6.4 Icon Themes
Score 75%
25 Dislikes
Feb 19 2018
The icons look a lot different from what you show in the screenshot. In the screenshot they are round - but in dolphin the shadow and sometimes other parts reach out of the circle - is that intended or did the masking go wrong? Jul 24 2016
Win7 Show Desktop 7 Plasma 5 Various
Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Sep 18 2017
I hate that tiny space on Windows but I admit it is a good idea to make a similar widget for Plasma because of choice. Assumingly there are people out there who neither want the pager nor the standard minimize all widget nor the mixer in the panel to save space. May 15 2016
Event Calendar 53 Plasma 5 Various
Score 84%
16 Dislikes
Feb 02 2018
It's installed and it's ovbiously the new version as there are some more options. What does not work: I cannot get a meteogram, Line 2 is not shown and the week numbers don't appear :(. Apr 24 2016
Netrunner/Kubuntu here. I've now uninstalled the widget via the widget manager, tried to reinstall via newstuff, but altough it tells me it's installed the widget doesn't appear in widget manager anymore. I'll try direct install from this site. Apr 24 2016
Wow :). Strange, I have installed the new version yesterday via newstuff... At least I assume that newstuff did what I told it to do, got no error message... One alas cannot see which plasmoid version is installed... Apr 24 2016
And after I've played with the week setting today (i.e. ticked it, saved) the bottom of the popup is lost and I cannot get it back even if I untick the week option... Apr 24 2016
A small column alongside the calendar block, I've created a mockup:

I'd also would greatly appreciate to have the option to add a second line to the clock in the tray, for the day or date. In just one row the text gets too wide when day and date are added (on a very small panel it might be ok in one row). Maybe it is possible to use the full height of the panel if only row one has text but if a second line is filled by the user the ratio of the two lines could be 2/3 height for line 1 and 1/3 for line 2?

Apr 24 2016
I know I can display the week number in the events' list at the beginning of each week. Strangely using that option makes the calendar popup less high so that only 4 weel rows are displayed instead of 6. That also leaves less space for calendar entries on the left.

Might it be possible to - instead/additionally/optionally - display the week number at the left side of the calendar block = outside of the block, between block and events? Apr 16 2016
I LOVE this clock replacement! But can you please make the clock format a 4 digit format (00:00 - 09:59)? At least for the 24 hour format? It is shown correctly in the tooltip but alas in the panel the clock only hast 3 digits for times form 0:00 to 9:59. And when it comes to two digit hour the clock expands, I'd prefer if it always has the same size.

Could you also please add an option to show the date and preferably short day of the week below the time in the panel? Or the day of the week and the day of the month? Mar 24 2016
Great :) Mar 24 2016
Does it need Akonadi? Mar 23 2016
Popup Launcher 1.2 Plasma 5 Menus
Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Oct 29 2017
Thanks for your efforts.

Large icons and small text is not that unusual. Small text is better recognizable than small icons are. Especially the Breeze icons in small sizes are extremely hard to recognize and distinguish. And some people rely on icons, others on text. Or some people love to savour the beauty of the icons and the details of the work and therefore want them to be large. Or they use the icons as design elements which also takes the size into account but not the dpi as you might want to have diffent icons sizes for different design elements out of pure joy. And some poeple just want to have control over the desktop elements and their sizes :). Apr 17 2016
Scrolling does work, I can scroll up and down and see all applications in office and utilities but nothing more. The output in the terminal: Apr 16 2016
You shouldn't rely on dpi only (BTW mine is set to 96, display size is 1920x1200). There are people who have the same dpi settings and monitor sizes and still want or need different icon sizes!

I guess you are using medium right now. Maybe it is possible to let the user choose between medium and large?

Screenshot of whole desktop with popup-launcher is here:

You can see that the icons in the popup and the configuration dialog are much smaller than the small icons in the quicklaunch, tray and task bar.

And you can maybe also see that some text in the configuration dialog is kind of white on white. Why is it colored differently than the other text? Apr 16 2016
Only the categories for office and utilities including their submenus appear in the list to choose applications from. No other categories. I cannot e.g. add amarok (multimedia category), I cannot add kpat (games category), I cannot add krusader (system category) etc. The list of applications just ends after the last app of the utilities section. Maybe you don't have much apps and the space is sufficient to display all categories? Here the categories Settings, Development, Graphics, Internet, Educaton, Multimedia, Games, System, Wine are all not listed, only 12 office apps + 27 utilities + some deleted and some hidden apps... I am using Plasma 5.5 (Netrunner 17 + kubuntu-ci).

Apr 16 2016
Thanks for this tip. Apr 16 2016
Can you please make the icons in the configuration dialog follow the "small icons" settings? I have set that minimum icon size to 32x32 but the icons in the widget configuration are much smaller? Apr 15 2016
Alas I can only choose from office and utilities categorie to add applications. How do I add games and graphics and multimedia and system tools etc.? Apr 15 2016
Though the icon I use for the popup launcher is a svg it gets ugly scaled up on my panel. The icon (e.g. system-file-manager.svg from breeze theme) looks fine in the panel when used for a single launcher or the quicklaunch widget, but has horrible steps in vertical lines and bad rendering when used for your widget (looks like a png of 32 or 48 scaled up to 64). I have a relatively high panel (the minimum size for getting a two row systemtray). Apr 15 2016
When I hover over my panel I get a visual feedback from the launchers (slight color/gamma change as set in systemsettings icon settings). The icon of the popup launcher alas gives no such feedback. Can you please enable that? Apr 15 2016
I love this popup launcher as it takes less space in the panel than the quicklaunch widget with enabled popup. But the icons in the popup are quite small. How can I get a bigger icon size? Can you please add a configuration option for that? Apr 15 2016
KOceanSaver 0.8 Screensavers
Score 80%
20 Dislikes
Oct 19 2013
Would it be possible to convert this wonderful screensaver to an xscreensaver module (as Plasma 5 doen't support/provide kscreensavers anymore)? Apr 15 2016
Breeze AlphaBlack 9 Plasma Themes
Score 57%
43 Dislikes
Feb 20 2017
Can you please give a link to the wallpaper? :) Apr 15 2016
Minimize All 1.1 Plasma 5 Various
Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Sep 04 2017
Can you tell me what's the difference between this and the click on the pager? Both minimize all windows... Apr 15 2016
London_eye theme and splash screen KDE5 SDDM Login Themes
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Jul 03 2016
What else does the theme change? Or is it "only" the login screen too? Apr 08 2016
Rating Statistics 2.1.0 Amarok 2.x Scripts
Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Apr 22 2013
When I start Amarok I always get a notification that the script "Rating Staticstics" uses obsolete API calls for scripts and that one should contact the author to update the script before the next new version of Amarok.

It really would be great if the script will continue to work with Amarok, I love the statistics :). Apr 08 2016
Weather Widget 1.6.10 Plasma 5 Weather
Score 83%
17 Dislikes
Oct 06 2017
When I use the widget via systemtray I get a popup with a simplified forecast (compared to the very detailed popup for the panel) for the next days.

When the applet the popup is the same as for the systemtray but blinks that short that you cannot recognize anything. How can this be fixed?

And a wish on top: Can you please (optionally) make the widget on the desktop look like the popup for the systemtray/desktop? So that you have a simplified yet more complete overview at on glance instead of the single temperature + symbol view?
Mar 27 2016
KeyState 0.5 Plasma 5 Various
Score 68%
32 Dislikes
Sep 04 2017
I have a Logitech keyboard with a Fn key which determines the role of the F-keys. Alas there is no indicator on the keyboard if the key is activated. Would it be possible to add an indicator for the Fn key to your widget? Mar 16 2016
Score 73%
27 Dislikes
Jun 26 2016
The color combination really looks good. But it's a pity you changed the shape and made the cursors wider, they now look nearly like Breeze. I'll stay with the former more slender shape with the longer tail. I also love(d) the free rotating black dots without a background. Mar 10 2016
The new ones are great!! I LOVE the black one with the blue actions! The white one is nice too but I don't like the green. Maybe you could add a white version with blue actions? Mar 04 2016
ARTI 000314 Wallpaper Other
Score 50%
50 Dislikes
Feb 19 2016
I don't like to download a picture on spec to see if I might like it. Can you please add a preview? Feb 19 2016
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP) 1.12.1 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 92%
8 Dislikes
Sep 02 2017
Can you please update xml? They have changed the website layout = no information at all with the current xml file :( Jan 31 2016
Any news on this? Oct 31 2015
ColorCode 0.8.5 Tactics & Strategy
Score 76%
24 Dislikes
Oct 18 2015
How do I get bigger icons for the toolbar and the menu? 16x16 is far too tiny for me. I'm on Debian Linux/KDE4. Dec 05 2015
Breeze Dark Classic (5.4 look) 5.4.10 Plasma Themes
Score 55%
45 Dislikes
Dec 01 2015
Could you please add one or two screenshots to show the difference between Breeze 5.4 and 5.5? Dec 01 2015
meteo-qt 0.9.7 Qt Stuff
Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Sep 10 2017
How do I use/start/compile? Oct 31 2015
Is this compatible with Plasma 5? Oct 31 2015
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid) 0.4.5 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 90%
10 Dislikes
Mar 23 2013
Sorry, I haven't seen the previous entry... Oct 31 2015