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Kirocker Music Display

Audio Dec 14 2007
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Kopete Styles Oct 19 2007
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Development Aug 14 2004
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Dec 14 2007
Yes, by modifying the source code and rebuilding the program :-D

In src/coverdisplay.cpp, line 384:

if (event->orientation() == Qt::Vertical) {

Replace it by :

if (event->orientation() == Qt::Horizontal) {

Recompile/Reinstall, and you're done!

Sorry, I've quitted Linux and will not release any new corrected version anymore. Apr 07 2008
You can Alt+Scroll to change volume (scroll while maintaining the Alt key) or use the horizontal scroll if your mouse is equiped of it or your trackpad emulate this. Apr 06 2008
Ah, I misunderstood the problem and tought it was a bug in Kirocker Music Display.
I get it, now: you are talking about the top icons, the application launcher icons (as you said it in your first post).

On KDE, you have to add the "Application Launcher" applet, and then move all the icons in that new applet.
This applet will layout all the icons in how many columns you want.

To add the Applet, right-click the panel, click "Unlock" if needed, then click "Add Applet..." and double-click the applet named "Application Launcher".
Now, you have to drag and drop the icons (if I remember well) to the launcher and remove the bigs ones. Or right click the launcher applet and choose "Add Icon", if the first method didn't worked. Feb 12 2008
That seems to be a strange bug.

Could you restart Kicker, or KDE and tell me if icons are still aligned?
If yes, could you send me a screenshot? Feb 12 2008
Yes, the version 4.0 is 4.0 Beta 3 just repackaged.
It was really stable, just lacked a few polishments only me could notice (I'm somewhat strict about fit&finish).

As soon as I will have a Linux working back again I will repackage it properly. Dec 04 2007
Yes, sorry, thanks.

This is solved. Dec 04 2007
No I will not port it to screenlets.
It will be an hard work enough to port it to KDE 4 and Plasma.

I think Plasma will solve your problem, with plasmoids being able to be used in panels. Nov 24 2007
For the moment you can trigger the Escape key so that the full screen display will quit.

In a future release, I will add a closeFullScreen() method in the "kicker Kirocker" DCOP interface. Nov 20 2007
Ah! Thanks very much.
This will be awesome... no more hack!

I hope it will be easier with Plasma in KDE 4. From what I've read, it seems possible to create a plasmoid to draw the panel background. Nov 20 2007
To celebrate Kirocker Music Display Beta 3, I'm offering a wonderful new theme:

If you have Beta 3, download the file to you computer and simply open it.
It will automatically install and show as your new theme. Isn't that amazing? Nov 19 2007
Keyboard shortcuts to scroll lyrics are now included by default in Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 3. Nov 19 2007
Ah, very interesting!

The lyrics shortcut is something I haven't tought to.

It's an excelent solution and I will implement it shortly.

In fact, I just implemented it.
It will be in 4.0, or in 4.0 Beta 3 if there is one (I still have a lot of things to polish for the final version).

If you want to have the feature right now, there is only a few source files to edit (with eg. KWrite):

In the file src/fullscreen.cpp:
Search for that line:
case Qt::Key_L: m_coverDisplay->toggleLyrics(); break;
And add those two lines just after:
case Qt::Key_U: m_coverDisplay->scrollLyricsUp(); break;
case Qt::Key_D: m_coverDisplay->scrollLyricsDown(); break;

In the file src/coverdisplay.h:
Search for that line:
void toggleLyrics();
And add those two lines just after:
void scrollLyricsUp();
void scrollLyricsDown();

In the file src/coverdisplay.h:
Search for that line:
void CoverDisplay::toggleLyrics()
And add those lines just _BEFORE_:
void CoverDisplay::scrollLyricsUp()
if (Settings::showLyrics() && m_lyrics)
kapp->postEvent(m_lyrics, new QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Up, 0, 0));
void CoverDisplay::scrollLyricsDown()
if (Settings::showLyrics() && m_lyrics)
kapp->postEvent(m_lyrics, new QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Down, 0, 0));

In the file src/fullscreen.h:
Search for that line:
"<tr><th>" + i18n("L:") + "</th><td>" + i18n("Show/hide lyrics") + "</td></tr>"
And add this lines just after:
"<tr><th>" + i18n("U/D:") + "</th><td>" + i18n("Scroll lyrics up & down") + "</td></tr>"

Then recompile and reinstall Kirocker Music Display.
Enjoy the U and D keys to scroll lyrics Up and Down, ready to map to your remote. Oct 31 2007

You can make new theme(s) ;-)
So people have more choice. Oct 11 2007
Here I made two new themes, optimized for 4.0 Beta 2:

Underwater flower:

Styx Violet:

Hope you'll love them ;-) Oct 09 2007
See my reply to emilsedgh above for the screensaver.
It's exactly that.

About KHotNewStuff, I will wait until it is ported to KDE 4, as KHotNewStuff changed a lot.
But yes, I hope I will use KHotNewStuff in KDE 4.

And for the categories list on, I will ask webmasters to do so.
But there are more and more little applications that have a few extnsions like this. So I'm not sure they will be willing to add a category for each single application.
My proposal is to add a global "Application Addons" category where people can add their own application.
I added a comment here: Oct 08 2007
I will do even better than that.
I will not set Kirocker Music Display as a screensaver.

Instead, there will be an option to automatically start it a few seconds before the screensaver when you are playing.
You are playing something? Kirocker Music Display will replace your screensaver.
You are not playing anothing? Your normal screensaver will start.

But what about if you have a password-protected screensaver?
Well, Kirocker Music Display will need this feature too.
And this is great, because if you use the full-screen display during parties, you don't want people mess your computer, so you want to lock down the computer to only Kirocker Music Display.
This lock mode will be also used if you have a password on your screensaver, and Kirocker Music Display replace your screensaver.

To quote Steve Jobs, "it's AM AZ ING" ;-) Isn't it? Oct 07 2007
I realised your wishe with that sort of frame in Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 2. Oct 07 2007
The old Kirocker Music Display icon was an empty-cd-cover with a star.
It was too easily confused with "playing a song with no cover" or "playing a song with one star". That's why I removed the icon.

With Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 2, I made a new icon, and it cannot confused anymore, so the icon is back in the big tooltip ;)

By the way, check Beta 2, it's amaizing! Especially the lyrics and enhanced themes :-D Oct 07 2007
I forgot to reply to "why not one button?"

It is an Amarok policy.
The script tells Amarok "I want that button", and Amarok is automatically putting every items in script menus. Oct 07 2007
I just released 4.0 Beta 2.

It allows more theming.
Not what you asked (see reasons above), but it will help themes to be both more readable and more unique. Oct 07 2007
I'm advancing slowly but surely on 4.0 Beta 2.

Now, shadows and frames are not proof-of-concept anymore, they are both configurable by each themes.

It still need some work, some debugging, and the frames really need a graphical editor, but here is a preliminary preview:

I've used the custom theme Kore and modified it with frames.

A little more wait, and you will be able to play with Beta 2... ;-) Sep 23 2007
Hum, your request is quite specific.
I think you are the only one who would use such an option.

Other people don't need Kirocker Music Display to change size and possibly take all available space, making the taskbar ridiuly small.

But dynamically resizing the applet can uncover a Kicker bug where the background image would be messed up. It's why I haven't done the "resize down to only the Play button when not playing". This would requiere me to work hard trying to find a workaround for this bug.

So, your request is interesting, just low priority. It wouldn't be hard to do, once the Kicker bug fixed.

And yes, I will make a Plasma applet of Kirocker Music Display. Sep 20 2007
The non-theming of displayed information is on purpose.

I want to keep the usability heigh.
This is done by having a very good layout by default, and not allowing themes to mess up things.

Well, I will not pretend I have all answers to how the interface should be. If somebody has a better layout idea or better information to display, then he can tell me, and I will change in the code... once... for everybody. Instead of having to change it in every single theme!

I think it's a good thing, to have a great experience out of the box, and in any circumstance.

Same with objects placement. Place of each screen portion (information, cover, date...) is computed to look well balanced on any screen, so it will not be changeable by themes.
Again: if someone tought it could be a very good idea to include a "Random" switch in a theme, my reply will be that this button is important enough to provide it anywhen, not in one particular theme people would perhapse not like, but be forced to use it in order to have the feature.

For the fonts, it's something I tought to.
I think that fonts are more a user configuration than a theme thing.
And it's quite complicated because every computer has different installed fonts, so theme writers can't rely on a font to be present.

I'm still thinking about that font thing.
A solution could be to allow users to define a font for "serif", another for "sans-serif", another for "fantesy", another for "modern", another for "gothic", "script"... with good defaults, of course.
Then each theme could specify a font category, and possibly a font name, but it will default to the font category if the named font is not installed. Like in CSS. Sep 19 2007
Since Beta 1, I had fun with very new ideas.
I'm extremely excited about them.
But they are still in early development stage (read: everything is hardcoded in the source, as a proof of concept).

So to make you wait before Beta 2... oh no... to make you envy Beta 2 and wait it badly ;-) here is a screenshot:

As you can see there are the following news:
- Lyrics can be displayed (and hidden, to use the previous layout). And this comes with a small bonus usability feature... I won't tell you until Beta 2 :-)
- Themes can draw frames. Those frames are positionned by Kirocker Music Display to espouse the layout of every screens. The frames are also kept pixel-perfect.
- Themes can assign shadows to texts, so they are more readable on top of any background. And yes: it is very fast, as fast as frames.
- Animation has been optimised and is now lightening fast. Oh... no. You can't see that on the screenshot, you just have to believe me!

As I said, all of this is hard-coded to make sure it was all possible (the shadow is only on text information, adding/removing/moving frames need to recompile the code and make sur the frame image in in /home/seb ;-) ). I need more work to make it very easily accessing to theme writers.

Here is an example of what could be possible (the screenshot is old and frames were still buggy):

Oh, and I'm still not happy with the "layout of the screen with lyrics". It's not so beautiful and seems cluttered. I know that. Sep 13 2007
You need to install various development packages in order to build this application.

They are usually named like what the error tell you, with the extension "-dev" or "-devel" (depending on your distribution).

For your error, the package to install should be named "x-dev", "x-devel", "xorg-dev", "xorg-devel", "x11-dev" or "x11-devel".
I don't remember exactly what is the name but with a quick search in your package manager, you should find easily.

It's possible you will need to install other packages as well.
Follow the same technic: do a ./configure, look at the error, find a -dev/-devel package like the error tell you, do another ./configure... until it works.

As I'm a developer, I already have all those packages installed on my machine. So I can't tell exactly what packages are really needed.

It would be very cool if you add a comment there with all the packages that you were asked to install. So I can add a notification here and every future users will be able to install them without having errors.

Of course, if you have another error, you can also post a comment, I will try to tell you what to do to resolve it.

Thanks in advance. Sep 09 2007
Yeah, I like them.

But they have too much contrast, the text is not very readable.

This is a problem I have to fix.
I have two solutions in mind:

- Allow theme to define a text shadow. But it is terribly slow. I need a way to optimize that (technically, this means caching the text+shadow in a semi-transparent pixmap: something very hard in Qt 3)

- Allow themes to define "frames" arround key areas. For instance, they could add a rounded semi-transparent white frame arround the Title+Artist+Album text. I need to test if it's fast enough with Qt 3. Or I must wait KDE 4 to implement this. Sep 02 2007
Of course, there will be a Plasma applet for KDE 4.

This means you will also be able to put Kirocker Music Display on your desktop!

See my reply to Superstoned just above to learn more. Aug 31 2007
KDE 4.0.0 has been postponed to December 20th.
So it's no hurge.

And version 4.0.0 will not be very polished for everyday use, I suppose. At least, I think I will not jump in that train quickly.

But I will port Kirocker Music Display a little before KDE 4.0.0. Say at the start of december.

While waiting KDE 4, I want to deliver new features to the biggest number of people, this means releasing KDE 3 versions.

Don't worry: I will continue tu develop it :-) Aug 31 2007
Ah, ok, I see better.

I'll add an option.

I don't know yet if it will be an hidden option or not.

Having such a big panel is very uncommon.

But people could also want to limitate the width of the applet if they have a tall horizontal panel. So why not... Aug 31 2007
I will see what I can do.
The cover still has to be visible.

Do you have an horizontal or vertical panel? What size?
It's to try to understand the need for this option. Aug 30 2007
I finnally was able to reproduce that crash.

It was triggered mainly with using a large playlist, isn't it?

Anyway, *I released version 3.4.1 that fix the bug*!
You can download it right now, and it should crash anymore. Aug 19 2007
BasKet Note Pads 2.0 Beta 2 Utilities
Score 89%
11 Dislikes
Oct 01 2010
You already can add pictures to baskets.
Simply drop an image, or use the "Image" item in the "Insert" menu to add a new blank image. You also can use the menu "Insert" -> "From File..." and choose the image to import.
You can't edit it for the moment.

But in the options, you can configure with which application to open images, in the "Applications" setting page. For instance, use "gimp" to open image notes.

Then, select an image and choose "Note" -> "Open" (or simply press F9). The image will be opened in Gimp, and as soon as you save it, it will be reflected in the basket.

I hope that later on, the new developers will implement an image editor. Jan 12 2008
If you're using KDE Autostart feature, use the command "basket --start-hidden" or "basket -h" to launch BasKet Note Pads (instead of "basket" alone). Dec 09 2007
It's still there.

It's in Note -> Save in a File...

But as notes are now rich-text ones, it will save them in HTML, instead of only plain text. They will still be readable by other people, tough.

Or you can select one or several notes and copy (or press Ctrl+C): paste it in email, a new text file you created manually... It allows to export several notes at once to text.

The last ressort is Basket -> Export -> HTML Web Page...
It will export the whole basket in a nicely presented web page you can upload or send by mail. Sep 20 2007
My amarok playlist UI Concepts
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Sep 26 2007
I "like" this mockup.
And not "lick" this mockup ;-)

lol Oct 04 2007
I lick this mockup.
Hope it will concretise!

I have only one downside:
The "Show/Hide Album Cover" is useless, IMHO.
It only make gain a few pixels (hidding a cover only frees 1/3 of the space).
People will either always want to have the cover shown, or always hidden.
So this should be an Amarok option.
Or better: a "column" to show or not, globally for the whole playlist.
We can't start to clutter the interface with so small features. Oct 04 2007
Amarok Full Screen 0.5 Audio
Score 85%
15 Dislikes
Mar 20 2007
Hum... Ok!
Thank you :-/

I was just trying to help out.

Amarok 2 is shaping up right now, so it's the time or never to help make it more suited for both our programs.

If we do nothing, Amarok 2.0 will ship with a not-suited interface, only slowing down us both.

We have similar goals. I may have forgotten something I need, that Jan will think about and request to Amarok developers. And vice versa.

If you were hungry because we have applications with duplicate goals... Well, it's free software: we do that to have fun. You can't require us to code on project X or Y. And we started with different approaches. Jan with a full-featured and customizable full screen display, me with a Kicker applet adapting the code to also do full screen display. And as a user, this friendly-competition (as I like to call it) make you have more choice. Why complain! Sep 19 2007
Polyester 1.0.4 - 2.0 KDE 3.5 Themes
Score 73%
27 Dislikes
Feb 17 2009
Oh yeah...

You rock!!

Do you know that? ;-)

It's sublim. Sep 05 2007
Yeah, you've done it!

From the KDE 4 preview screenshot, I've seen you've made it: you included the table header borders with the table borders itself!

It's amazing. There is no other word. I always dreamt about that. And I even mailed you, I think, with a mockup. It's so cleaner!

If Oxygen is not maturing we will at leave have a decent theme.

Any chance you can merge the left border of areas with left scrollbars too?
The same way you merged header borders and table top border.

It will be cleaner too, while still keeping advantage of Fitt's law.
I hate that GNOME-like mode to have scrollbars outside the scrollable area. They seams flotting around nowhere, not related to the area itself.

Keep up the good work. Aug 30 2007
Virtual world Wallpaper Other
Score 62%
38 Dislikes
Mar 20 2007
Very beautiful and vibrant.

I choose this wallpaper as one of the five features themes for Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 1:

Even if I would not use it as a desktop wallpaper neither, the lens effects are very well suited for Kirocker Music Display: they bring dynamics to this music application. Aug 31 2007
Floral Glow Wallpaper Other
Score 57%
43 Dislikes
Jun 02 2007
Simply beautiful!

You have the chance to have two of your creations to be included in Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 1:

Floral Glow is one of the five featured themes.

Keep up the good work. Aug 31 2007
Kubuntu Girl Red Wallpapers Kubuntu
1 comment
Score 57%
43 Dislikes
Aug 31 2005
Very pretty!

Here is a little comment to tell you I've based one of the Kirocker Music Display 4.0 Beta 1 themes on your work:

It looks amazing.
The theme based on your work is one of the five featured ones. Aug 31 2007
KDE4 bubbles Wallpapers KDE Plasma
Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Aug 03 2007
Awesome work!

I'm sure you will be happy to know this background image is now used as the default theme for Kirocker Music Display 4.0 beta 1:

It looks so great.

Let me know if you have objections for it to be the default theme ;-) Aug 31 2007
amarokVis 1.0 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 61%
39 Dislikes
Mar 09 2007
I made it compile and run with libvisual 0.4.

Look at the end of the comments part of this project. Aug 23 2007
I replyed at the end of the comments part of this project.

I made it compile and run on KUbuntu (tought it doesn't detect any sound for me :-/ ). Aug 23 2007
The link lead to a 404 error.

Do you have an offline version of it?
Or example sources or... whatever? Aug 23 2007
I still forgot this:

So now, it works.

But there is another problem: the visualisation cannot detect any sound, so it play in the void! Yes: it's very useless!

I get two different error messages:

libvisual INFO: amarokVis: The rate 44100 Hz is not supported by your hardware.

And the second one, I can't reproduce it anymore. But it said alsa connexion cannot be openned (I'm using KUbuntu, which is using alsa!).

Does somebody have a clue to solve one or both of the errors? Aug 23 2007
Forgot to say:

The visualisation now works without any random pixels, and no shift.

But it still crash quite randomly when playing too much with the different plugins, even if less often. Aug 23 2007
Here is a correction to what I said earlier:

src/libvisual.cpp line 94:
Replace "video->pixels"
by "video->buffer->data"
and NOT "video->pixel_rows" Aug 23 2007
Thanks very much for this applet.

I was not aware that external applications other than Amarok were able to do visualisation of what Amarok is playing.

Visualisation is a highly requested feature for Kirocker Music Display. So I want to make your applet work to be able to use the code for Kirocker Music Display.

I've somewhat succedded.

Here are informations on how to make it compile on KUbuntu:

As root, execute those two commands:

ln -s /usr/include/libvisual-0.4/libvisual /usr/include/libvisual
ln /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Modify those two files:

src/libvisual.cpp line 94: Replace "video->pixels" by "video->pixel_rows"
src/ line 8 : amarokvis_panelapplet_la_LIBADD = $(LIB_KDEUI) -lGL
(add "-lGL" at the end of the line)

Configure the applet with the following line:

LIBVISUAL_CFLAGS=/usr/include/libvisual LIBVISUAL_LIBS="-lpthread -lm -ldl -lvisual" ./configure

Then compile and install it like normally:

sudo make install

I said it "somewhat" work because there are a lot of random pixels and it often crash when resizing the panel or changing visualisation.
If it crashes, press Alt+F2 and type "kicker" followed by a click on "Execute".

I will try to fix the source to make it work seamlessly. Aug 19 2007