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Nov 04 2009
Here is the code, I screwed, don't work.
Qmenu icon, and config menu need write.

Plasmaviewer work fine.

- Nov 11 2009

When I start in terminal: plasmaviewer xy, then everything work fine.

But I start right click menu, I don't look the xy plasmoid config menu.

config.ui ---

I read twice, but I don't understand why dont works..........

:::((( Any idea? - Nov 11 2009

Work's, few days I finish the plasmoid!!
SpinBox done, I finish LineEdit, and clear the code.

- Nov 10 2009
Next week I finish, the dropbox plasmoid, but I don't now how write the config menu.

I make the ui and
I take Spinbox--account size, and lineEdit--- shared folder, but I don't know how save when this value change.

If you want a little time, send a message, or you want write a simple example.

Or I send the code, and you finish.

Many thx!
- Nov 07 2009

I work on dropbox plasmoid, be patience!
I share "my code", if you want. (I'm not a programmer, and my English is very bad)

Here is some screenshot:

I don't make a simple icon, because deamon run tray icon. This is informer plasmoid.

I don't know how write auto login in python. (I can't write this)

When anyone has idea, please write me!

Nice plasmoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(S3)
And sorry the advertisement:) - Nov 05 2009

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Mar 13 2011
Iam THX your work!

- Sep 29 2009
Please, add to this appearance menu:

Translucent Background

Please, use Plasma ToolTipManager.

THX! - Sep 27 2009

Great idea!!

But, when i add any buttons, i saw only your basic buttons. /I tried resize/ - Sep 11 2009

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Jan 20 2009

When I tried ' ' cmake don't work, but cmake gui is my friend and now is work.

Linking CXX shared module lib/
[100%] Built target plasma_applet_tvprogramme
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "RelWithDebInfo"
-- Installing: /usr/local/lib/kde4/
-- Set runtime path of "/usr/local/lib/kde4/" to "/usr/local/lib"
-- Installing: /usr/local/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-tvprogramme.desktop

I cant see in the plasmoid list.
I tried kbuilsycoca4, restart plasma, restart my computer.

Idea? - Sep 11 2009
-- Uninstalling "/home/XY/plasma-tvprogramme-1.2.0/kde4-config --prefix/lib/kde4/"

-- Uninstalling "/home/XY/plasma-tvprogramme-1.2.0/kde4-config --prefix/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-tvprogramme.desktop"

Built target uninstall
- Sep 10 2009
I compile with cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX='kde4-config –prefix'

make, make install

The Libs, usr and other important directory, put in the original folder.

Example. /home/Xy/Tvprogramme/usr and libs..... not in /usr/share/....

And I can't see in plasmoid list, after install. I try reboot the plasmoid and logout my user.

You saw its work, please write it, how does it.

Thanks - Sep 10 2009

Sorry my bad English!

I would like use this plasmoid in kde 4.3, (Arch linux) but don't work.

When, you have a free time, please port this nicy plasmoid to kde 4.3.

Very, very THX!

- Sep 09 2009