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Plasma Splash Screens Nov 14 2010
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KDM4 Themes Nov 14 2010
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Wallpaper Other Nov 14 2010
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Simple Menu 1.0.10 Plasma 5 Menus
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Jan 22 2018
I agree it's a very nice menu for plasma 5. It would be my preferred but I miss two nice features from the default launchers in plasma:

1. Rapid access to recent/most used files and applications (actually, why recent vs most used, why cannot both be enabled if wanted?)

2. Modifier only shortcuts cannot be used, in addition to ESC, to exit the menu.

Is there any hope that these two features will be added at some point?

Also, I wonder if there is any place where I could make a more proper feature requests (e.g. kde or github). May 31 2017
Qalculate 0.4 Plasma 5 Various
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Sep 27 2017
I missed this widget so much... Thanks for the good work! Sep 28 2016
Kup Backup System 0.7.1 System Software
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Jan 06 2018

I guess this is because lost+found belongs to the root user and Kup currently cannot backup files belonging to third users (root included).

I would highly appreciate to have the option to enable admin backups from the kcm shell.

Thanks btw Sideshow for porting Kup to KF5! I am glad I can use Kup again :) Mar 07 2016
Ok, thanks anyway.

In my case, my home partition (for work) is about 500GB with continuous data change, so after one year it can be quite a lot.

But the most important reason comes from hidden temporary files. Such a big backup takes a while and in the meantime those temporary files are created and removed by just browsing to give an example. The result is a backup fail, which is a bit annoying, although at the end if you check the log most of the times is due to that or to some "root" file in the home which you don't have the permissioins to backup, etc.

It would be informative to inform better about failed backups for the common user as they may worry too much for some minors like those, that were not even pretended to be backed up.

Would you agree? Feb 03 2015
Forgot to say. It would be great to have that feature in the interface, but that may take more time. In the time being having the option to introduce it in kuprc would be nice. Dec 16 2014

Not sure if has been requested before or not, but it would be very helpful. For instance, I want to exclude all hidden files and folders and this would be very easy this way.

There is an option for this in bup already: --exclude-rx, so I think this should be relatively easy to implement.

One may say that this can be done manually. But, beyond being more comfortable, it also has the advantage that it would continue working after new hidden files and folders are created, without each time having to check and remove them manually.

For instance, when using new applications, new hidden files and folders about settings are usually created, and if not wanted, this just represents spam in the backup. Some users may not be aware of this, or don't want to care about checking each time. Hence, this feature from bup would be very powerful...

Let me know what you think.

Thanks Dec 16 2014
it works fine for regular users.

I'll check kquitapp kupdaemon; kupdaemon from the terminal soon and let you know...

Thanks Mar 02 2013
I just tried to run backup as root and it gave me an error.

Is there a debug command I could use in the terminal to give you some more specific information?

Thanks Mar 01 2013
Great that you are considering it.

Looking forward! Feb 26 2013
That's why I'd like Kup to accept different backends, especially rsync. That would be really neat (!) as currently a lot of people rely on rsync for their backups.

Would this be difficult to implement? Feb 20 2013
Plasma 5 KDM Theme 5.3.1 KDM4 Themes
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Aug 12 2015

I'm also using it :) Mar 30 2015
I see. Mar 30 2015
I guess it is not easy to do it in lightdm, right? Mar 28 2015
KFolderSync 3.4.1 Utilities
Score 66%
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Mar 01 2017

Nice application. One thing that could be improved is conflicts when using the bilateral synch. This happens when files have been changed in the two paths. Currently, KFolderSync automatically synchronizes the file with the latest modification, which may not be always the best. For instance when working on a file in two different computers, it might be that a point one forgets to synch last changes before start working on the different machine, and if so, previous changes will be lost without notification.

I typically work in this conditions and use unison, which asks what to do in such cases, whether to take the local vs remote machine, to see the diff, etc. Take a look in

I think that if this works as in Unison, then a distinction between Synch and Bilateral Synch may not be necessary.

Also, it would be great to combine the previous with the backups, and that would be a clear advantage with respect to Unison. It would work the same as before, but instead of only keeping a copy of the file (the latest), it would keep all history of modifications, no matter the folder or the computer they were made.

I see a great potential with Bilateral Incremental Backups that correctly deal with conflicts. Right now I use Unison for Bilateral Synch and Kup for incremental backups (

Thanks and best! Jul 10 2014
Minimalistic Clock (by FX) 1.08 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Jun 26 2014
it would be also nice to have an option for text alignment Jun 14 2014
Active Application 0.2.2 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 66%
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Aug 01 2011
You could also try the Application Name Plasmoid. I did and works fine to me too... Oct 17 2013
I don't see anything in that relates at all with the plasmoid, neither with nor with plasma-applet-activeapp.desktop, so I have no clue to see whether your crash it's related to the plasmoid and if so, where to start trying to fix it :/

You are sure it's the plasmoid because if you remove it, crashes are gone? Oct 17 2013
It covers my basic needs and I don't have time for much now.

Are you sure this plasmoid is the one that makes plasma to crash? Show me the backtrace or some debug information and I'll try to take a look...

Btw my programming skills in KDE/Qt are low too :) Oct 14 2013
do you have kde-workspace-dev installed? Jun 24 2012
yeah, I would also like to have this feature too, but don't know how to do it and don't have the time to spend on it now either Jun 24 2012
Compass for GTK 1.3.8 Icon Themes
Score 76%
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Oct 03 2017
If you like to use this great theme in KDE, replace in index.theme:

- 'Type=big' by 'Type=Scalable'


- 'Context=Apps' by 'Context=Applications'

No need to change permissions (at least in my case).

All credit to the author of the theme! Oct 17 2013
Simply fantastic! Oct 17 2013
Wondering whether I could have access to the previous version? This previous version was working for me, so I could try to see what changed and try to track how to solve the issue... Oct 17 2013
I tried changing this too, but no way, I'll just give it up for now Oct 15 2013
perhaps I have to change big by scalable? Oct 15 2013
This doesn't seem to solve the problem :/ Oct 15 2013
No luck. Anyways, I guess I'll have to stop using it. Did you think of supporting kde anytme soon? I'd love to use the theme again soon :) Oct 15 2013
I'm using Kubuntu. Any hint how to do this? Thanks Oct 15 2013
I tried with 'kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental' but didn't help. It's sort of weird, I can see folders but not applications. Before it was working great. Oct 15 2013
unfortunately I just updated and stopped working in kde (kde user here)

wondering why :/ Oct 15 2013
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Jan 16 2013
Could you please take a look at these bugs to see whether it refers to an issue in qtcurve? Thanks! Jun 20 2013
KRunner Translator 1.0.0 Krunner Plugins
Score 76%
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Jan 20 2018
Thanks!! Feb 17 2013
Yes, that would be great.... I think an arrow is perhaps more explicit, but it also requires an extra character that maybe is not necessary

fr->en <word>

Any of the two would be great to me Feb 15 2013
It would be great to have the option to specify the original language for those cases in which a same word (with different meaning) exists for different languages Feb 10 2013
krunner-googletranslate 0.1 Krunner Plugins
Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Aug 09 2011
It would be great to have the option to specify the original language for those cases in which a same word (with different meaning) exists for different languages Feb 10 2013
Minimal Clock 0.12 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Apr 15 2013
Yes, really ez!

Thanks a lot Feb 06 2013
May I request two features?

It'd be a bit nicer if one could configure day's position (it goes before month in some languages) and text alignment from left to right (or centered) that people may want Feb 02 2013
TARDIS 0.07 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 56%
44 Dislikes
Jan 02 2013
I installed tardis 0.05 from ppa first, but failed, so I tried with zip and worked, so I kept with it also for 0.06.

What is expected behavior if a backup takes too long to finish and new backup is scheduled before the first has finished? I may be in that situation and what I see is that second backup is skipped silently.

About roadmap, yeah, I understand, I was just wondering wether you already have some ideas in mind for future versions...

The nice feature in kup that I mentioned is that it detects when the external drive is connected, and even unmounted if the time since last backup is longer than scheduled, kup starts a new backup (or alternatively, depending on configuration, it asks about starting a new backup). If I have some time, I might take a look to see how easy/difficult it would be to add this feature...

Sorry if I bother you too much, I like tardis a lot, and hopefully my comments can help to improve it a bit Dec 31 2012
I'm using Kubuntu Quantal (12.10) with KDE 4.9.95 (4.10 RC1), maybe there is something weird in my configuration (?)

Regarding how to deal with external drives, maybe you could borrow some code from kup, the way kup handles it is amazing (

BTW, Tardis has a lot of potential, I wonder if there is a place to see a roadmap and/or to make feature requests... Dec 31 2012
It seems that new version doesn't like stats.log missing in ~/.tardis (thanks plasmoidviewer!)

I just created a dummy empty stats.log file and this solved the issue

I also realized of the problem with existing /tmp/tardispipe file, and wondering whether this could be workaround somehow as well... Dec 31 2012
Congratulations for the new version!

I tried to update to the new version but unfortunately I didn't get it to run, it seems there is some issue and the plasmoid is not initialized correctly. If I achieve to know about the problem, I'll post it here...

On the other hand, I realized that the cron job tries to find and run in a wrong path (at least in my case): /usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids instead of ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids Dec 31 2012
very nice widget/application/concept/thing! I would recommend it to be in section KDE Archiving/Backup too, as it may be difficult to find.

btw, wondering if tardis deals with backups that are done in an external drive and at the time of scheduled snapshot the drive is not connected...

Dec 29 2012
KParts Plugin 20120723 Web
Score 87%
13 Dislikes
Jul 23 2012
it would be great to have it working in rekonq. to put an exemple, okular is much more powerful in kpartsplugin than in the embedded okular window in rekonq... Oct 19 2012
UFW KControl Module 0.4.3 System Software
Score 76%
24 Dislikes
May 23 2012
to have it working in kubuntu 12.10 one needs to install also python-ufw Oct 19 2012
KidMP 0.4.0 Video
Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Sep 03 2012
thanks for sharing! my little daughter is still a bit young for it, but I think I'll use it quite a lot in the near future.

just to say that in k/ubuntu one needs to install first python-qt4-phonon Sep 03 2012
oxygen-transparent 1.0 QtCurve
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Jan 08 2013
afaik, you have to use the master version in kde 4.9 Aug 13 2012
I also suffer from this, could you put please the link to the bug in kde?

Thanks in advance! Aug 09 2012
this is not any longer the case with the master version in kde 4.9 :) Aug 09 2012

Oxygen-transparent is great and I simply love it, but I realized that some apps (kile, digikam, rocs, maybe others) doesn't show icons when using the transparent version compared to the regular oxygen.

It happened the same to me with source code and with packages from this repository:

Somebody has filled an apparently unrelated bug here:

But I really think that his issues are also related to the problem I'm describing. I'm linking the two things to figure this out...

I'd love to have icons back and I'd love to help in testing to resolve the bug.

Many thanks in advance! Jul 08 2012
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
May 19 2012
like it! May 19 2012