Michael Borisov
Skulpture 0.2.4 Various Plasma Styles
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Jul 31 2017

Am I right, you do not plan to change Skulpture to be compatible with Qt 5?

Thank you,
Michael Aug 27 2013
Thanks a lot. I think the third one is the best. Jun 30 2010
Just to let you know, I solved the problem. I just changed color themes in KDE settings, then saved QApplication palettes in files. So, now I have all KDE color themes in Qt.

The strange thing is I had to call QApplication::setPalette(palette) first and then QApplication::setPalette(palette, "QWidget"). Otherwise it does not work.

Another question, I see very nice color themes on your screenshots at

But it looks like those themes were not included to Skulpture sources. Can I get them somewhere? Jun 30 2010
Well, it looks like it's not a style-related problem. What I mean, I would like to use KDE color schemes for Skulpture not only in KDE but also in Windows and Mac OS X. Jun 29 2010
Several .colors themes come together with Skulpture (at least in Kubuntu). Those themes are very nice. And I would like to use them in my pure Qt (not a KDE) application. Is it possible to do that? Maybe I should somehow convert those files? Jun 29 2010
I meant not corner widgets but widgets put to QTabBar using its setTabButton() method. Mar 07 2010
There is a problem with QTabBar. When I put corner widgets to tabs they do not shift up when mouse is over. If I put just an icon to the tab, everything is OK.

Besides, the style is perfect. Thanks! Mar 07 2010
Animated Clock 1.1 Qt Stuff
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Sep 01 2011
It points to https://sonja/hg/alarmclock3/archive/tip.tar.gz Aug 13 2011
Link to the source code is broken. Aug 13 2011