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Bespin svn Bespin
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Apr 25 2013
thanks for replying
but i hv a ques:
while using translucent windows animated tab transitions dont work is it just me? Sep 03 2011
can u provide the bespin config present in second screenshot? Aug 30 2011
kde3 xp style 1.3 KDE 3.5 Themes
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Apr 11 2008
wtf is wrong with people on kde look
i mean the guy wud hv worked so hard to make this theme and it almost looks replica of windows xp
and wtf is all this 'representatives of open source'
should not make such themes u guys are pure losers
and shud get out of ur house and get a gf

anyways i wud be very much happy if u ported it to kde4

and if people donot see the good part of windows and their presentation and criticize them blindly then nothing cud happen to linux im not saying that windows is better infact linux beats 'em easily but think about it:to install a widget style bespin u hv to compile it manually.
are u sure that non-geeks wud evr try that?
i heard some guy saying that bsd is better than windows.maybe it is in some aspects but windows is like 10x more usable than that.

if we hv to improve linux we hv to be a critic of linux not windows.yes in a no of aspects it sucks still they hv made computers usable for normal users.

and in the end i praise u for ur wonderful ability.
if some themes hv to stopped they are the mac like themes lol there like 100 mac like themes on kde look and some even beat the original one! Aug 30 2011
Chromi 0.2 Various KDE 1.-4. Styles
Score 83%
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Feb 22 2010
its awesome i hadnt thought ever that this wud be possible
but the problem comes when there is no menu bar in apps such as calibre and firefox
also is this possible that the decoration automatically resizes to the end of menu bar (i.e 'help')while resizing,max.,min etc?
i mean that wud be great! Aug 26 2011
Human After All (QtCurve) 1.0 QtCurve
Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Jul 04 2012
u should really try ur hand at bespin Aug 26 2011
awesome theme
one of the best i tell u! Aug 26 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) 4.0 beta3 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 95%
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Aug 15 2013
hmm that wud be great
good luck with your new project
also this firefox theme rox too
*awesome to see a 'Linux-only' theme*

anyways who voted my comment down???? i didnt meant no

hope kwin supported all that which aero does
i m not a rocket scientist but since firefox doesnt support ff menu and tabs on top (title bar) on linux it must mean that kwin/metacity/compiz are not as flexible as aero
but i guess u can attain such flexibility given u support only one theme with diff. color schemes! Aug 20 2011
is a bespin version possible too
half the people using kde use bespin so it might be a good idea
im sure a large no of people already wud hv asked u for dat Aug 15 2011
Hope gtk3 1.2 GTK3 Themes
Score 70%
30 Dislikes
Aug 02 2017
man now thats what im talkin' about!!!
this theme is going to be a killer Jul 02 2011
but in the end its only your choice
Jul 02 2011
i meant the buttons should look a little raised
i.e not sunken
like this (disregard the shape but see the buttons look raised)

btw im not owner of the image Jul 02 2011
hmm. thats one great idea but metacity theme is a bit conventional isnt it? i think the buttons would look more nice if they are a bit bulged :) Jul 01 2011
srry gaurav for replying so late
anyways i understand that porting slickness wont be easy
anways u r so talented in making themes so why dont u start ur own project besides porting gtk2 themes :) Jul 01 2011
this is the best gtk 3 theme
thanks for developing this May 14 2011
Lyrics screenlet 0.7.2 Conky
Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Mar 30 2011
*running Jul 01 2011
i guess u know it by now but just to report it lyrics screenlet on gnome shell doesnt escape the dash/dock and the area where the currenty tunning app is displayed Jul 01 2011
Elegant Brit gtk3 1.0 GTK3 Themes
Score 69%
31 Dislikes
Nov 13 2011
man would u port slickness by therob to gtk3 May 28 2011
OSDark 1.0.1 Icon Themes
Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Oct 16 2009 Mar 12 2011