jack rooster

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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Feb 07 2010
I never liked or used dark color schemes until I came across this one! Now it's on my main system. Thanks! - Sep 28 2017

Cursors 5 comments

by KuduK
Score 71%
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Apr 25 2011
I love this theme but the cursors are too small for me. Any plans to optionally make them larger? - Dec 08 2013
SteampunK QtCurve theme

QtCurve 13 comments

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May 17 2013
I downloaded the file with Firefox instead of Chrome and got the correct file ('.qtcurve' extension instead of '.bin'. Looks great! - Dec 26 2012
Hello again. As I stated in the subject, I got the colors but not the wood texture. How do I get this? - Dec 26 2012
Nevermind. Installed it thru the KDE system settings installer. Great job! I'm not a fan of the color light blue. So far I've changed my wallpaper, splash screen, and login screen to the steampunk ones. Now I working on the pointers and icons! I'm not quite a Linux noobie, I've dabbled with Linux on and off for several years, but am now ready to make the full commitment to Linux!

Jack Rooster, a proud Linux Mint 13 KDE user! - Dec 25 2012
Love your theme but I can't install it. I get thru the first 5 steps but when I try to import the file (SteampunkLight.bin) from my download folder, it doesn't show up in the file dialog window. - Dec 25 2012