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Various Plasma 5 Improvements 79 comments

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18 hours ago
But I don't want to have it be fixed width as it screws with other Plasmoids that might be dynamic in size, like the standard global menu Plasmoid, especially when I have applications open with a lot of menus such as Krita or Kdenlive. So I use the "Fill Width" option to have the AWC Plasmoid be dynamic too. - Apr 06 2017
1. I unchecked that box, and am still running into the issue where fixed width mode doesn't work. =/ It's still confined to just the application icon rather than filling the entire empty length of the panel.

2. Understood, but disappointing. Especially since things like finite control is why I use Plasma. :D - Apr 04 2017
So, I love the work that has been put into this thus far, but after playing with it a bit I'm going to give my feedback:

1. Is there a way to maximize the panel without using justified mode or spacers?
Bit of an example here. I use the Active Window Control plasmoid to allow me to doubleclick on any empty space on my top panel between the global menu and the system tray. I use the "Fill Width" setting in AWC to achieve that. I could use a fixed with, but then it creates an issue where applications with a lot of menus cause the applets in my Latte panel to shrink, or if it's an application with no menu or a small menu exported, I think have empty space where I can't click.

2. A feature request. Can there be more finite control over the size of the plasmoids/dock size? When I'm trying to set my top panel for the global menu, 24px just seems too small and 32px too big.

3. This is a huge praise. Latte Dock works amazingly well on multiple monitors. Any issues that I had with the stock Plasma panel autohiding/not going under a window correctly on a panel adjacent to another display doesn't exist in Latte Dock. - Apr 04 2017
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Plasma 4 Widgets 570 comments

by Emdek
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Jun 10 2012
What are the plans for supporting Plasma 5? I've used this plugin in the past on KDE 4 due to the fact it had more options than the default Icon Only Task Manager and I'd love to be able to use it again. - Dec 03 2015
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 85 comments

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Jun 08 2017
I'm going to start off with the fact that this is a great widget. It offers functionality I want without being flashy. However there are a couple things I'd like it to do along with a quirk that bugs me.

The Quirks:

1. If I have 'Show only when maximized' and 'Buttons next to icon and text' even when unmaximized it just leaves a blank space to the left of the title.

To remedy this I have to enable both 'Do not hide on mouse out' and 'Sliding icon and text'

2. When I have all those options enabled, it just simply hides the buttons rather than disabling the functionality when your on an unmaximized window.

Current Behavior: If I click anywhere around the far left portion of the widget I could still be unintentionally closing, maximizing, or minimizing my window.

Expected Behavior: Enabling all those options should completely disable those buttons for an unmaximized window and should only work when a window is maximized.


1. I'd like to be able to click on any part of the panel the widget is a part of and drag to unmaximize a window if it's maximized, like one can do in Unity.

2. I'd like the ability to get the window control context menu when clicking on the application icon.

3. The ability to re-arrange the button layout.
- As an addition maybe adding a pin to all desktops button too.

4. I'm going to go ahead and add another voice for menubar support when KF5/Plasma 5 gets support for it. - Dec 03 2015