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Dock And TopBar

Latte Layouts 2 comments

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Mar 10 2018
Thanks a lot ! :)
It is the purpose of layouts to be shared with the community! - Apr 05 2018
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 79 comments

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18 hours ago
thanks a lot!! :) thank you for your icons and graphics !!! :) - Apr 05 2018
In most distrubutions you should be able to install it also from Discover application - Apr 05 2018
Probably you are using a different kde frameworks version than the one the package you installed was built. - Apr 04 2018
You dont have to disable the "Behave as normal dock window" option. You can just disable all touch gestures from plasma systemsettings, more info at: - Dec 01 2017 - Nov 26 2017 - Oct 18 2017
in next version you will be able to enable/disable the panel shadows, change the transparency of the panel background and alter the widgets shadows(color, size, transparency)

there are no plans for supporting independent themes or 3D version, only what we get from the plasma theme

there are many launchpad like launchers that you can find as widgets to add them in Latte such as:
or from default plasma: fullscreen app launcher - Jul 28 2017
Unfortunately "Windows Go Over" isnt in the decisions of Latte dev team... - Jul 28 2017
We found a solution for (1) and it is already added in our master branch...
it will land in 0.7 version...
all applets that have set fillWidth or fillHeight are respected and fill the remaining space... the calculations take into account the multiple use of them of course.. I tested it with three different active window plasmoids placed around and it worked really good... - Apr 08 2017
the crash you sent there is a chance that has been fixed in our branch of v0.6 at github...

you can always report it at:
and guide you from there how to try the new commits and check if this is fixed...

- Apr 07 2017
Please report any issues or requests in out github page, it's only way to keep track what to implement and when... and provide an organized discussion per issue - Apr 07 2017
Sorry no alternative solution for fiilWidth yet... feel free to open a feature request at our github page or provide patches... - Apr 07 2017
this is the Latte plasmoid and not the Latte app...

go to terminal and run latte-dock, what is happening?
error messages?
nothing happens?

but from the screenshot I think that Latte is not installed correctly... - Apr 06 2017
any screenshot?

what is happening if you run the command latte-dock? - Apr 06 2017
1. the only way I managed to reproduce what you are describing in by having enabled for Active Window plasmoid the "Fill Width" option... this option must unchecked in order for fixed width of Active Window to work correctly... - Apr 05 2017
For more help in order to achieve what you want, open an issue at: - Apr 05 2017
1. the only way to maximize the panel is with Justified mode. I use a similar layout with yours, if you want to disable the automatic shrinking you can got at Setting->Tweaks->(uncheck) Shrink applets when it is needed. In that way I am also using the Active Window applet with fixed width with no issues...

2. the size of the panel must be a division of 8 this is why 16,24,32,40,48 it is a smart way to support this way icon sizes that do not blur the icons in normal mode. The global menu layout of Active Window for 24 px. and 32px. I dont like it either but I think this could be also a feature request for its developer. I think that if Latte is used more and more the plasmoid developers will notice their plasmoids behavior and make look and behave more properly... On the other hand if plasmoid developers want something from our side that improves the experience, of course and we are open for suggestions, ideas etc....

3. Thank you very much for this... :) we designed multi-screen support from the ground up and put a lot of love and care in it... :) there is only once small bug in 0.6.0, filter tasks by screen is not working correctly between different screens... of course this has been fixed already and it will land with upcoming 0.6.1 version - Apr 04 2017
you can drag n' move plasma widgets when you are in editing mode (editing mode is when the Latte configuration window is shown) - Apr 04 2017
Flatpack and Snap will fix this situation in the future... but the future is not today... - Apr 02 2017
You can install latte from AUR, and afterwards run latte-dock, right click anywhere in the dock and choose Latte Settings - Apr 02 2017
It isnt installed that way... what distro are you using? - Apr 02 2017
the video of the release:

demonstrates also adding applets and launchers... - Apr 02 2017
the dock needs to be built and installed... afterwards it runs with just executing 'latte-dock'.... Depending on your distro it may a package for 0.6 is already provided by it... Arch has already included 0.6 version and for openSUSE is just a matter of hours... - Apr 02 2017
drag n' drop from official plasma widgets explorer...

the dock needs to be built and installed... afterwards it runs with just executing 'latte-dock'.... Depending on your distro it may a package for 0.6 is already provided by it... Arch has already included 0.6 version and for openSUSE is just a matter of hours... - Apr 02 2017
;) thank you!

I hope you found the "distance between icons" feature that is now supported... - Mar 30 2017
if you mean how far will be the icons between them, it doesnt offer this feature yet... - Mar 13 2017
Unity Ambiance

Plasma Themes 8 comments

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Jul 18 2017
Very good theme, congratulation!

I found this theme very interesting, so I tried it with Latte Dock...

here is the result: - Apr 03 2018
Now Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 21 comments

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Mar 26 2017
Does Fedora provide a package for it?
If it does you can just right click on the desktop->Panels->Now Dock Default Panel

if it doesnt the only way is to install it from source...

as a notice Now Dock development has been stopped and all development efforts have moved to Latte Dock:

unfortunately Fedora has a bug for this according to reports from our user base of Latte and needs adjustments after installation... - Mar 13 2017
you need to use the python transparent panel gui to produce a plasma theme that has transparent panel at bottom (south) - Feb 26 2017
which distro are u using?

I think you need also, extra-cmake-modules - Jan 10 2017
Hello Python,

you can use the following for Feature Requests and Bugs, please report there:

just try to create different issues for each bug or feature request... some of which you are mentioning are already implemented... for example different launchers per activity or global launchers...

currently I am working on adding some features in the core plasma codepage... I hope that before Plasma 5.9 release I will go for the following:

1. transparent panels independent of theme (this has already been merged in plasma for 5.9)
2. automatic resizing of the panel's height based on the user's choices
(zoom factor and icon size)
3. panel masking (real transparent panels - the mouse events are going to the windows below the panel in the areas that it is transparent) - Nov 13 2016
The plasmoid must be in the panel. What is missing I think is a plasma theme that is going to have that spesific panel transparent. You should use the following python script/gui:

extract it and click on, it should help you to create that special theme from any of your system's themes.

Important Notice: You must disable the Desktop Effects, Blur and Window Contrast after you enable the specialized theme

- Oct 20 2016
Thank u !!

Small Notice: Next version 0.4 should be installed only through the install script!! 1-click install will not be exposed to the user in order to protect its system - Oct 16 2016
I received today a report for this...

That in Plasma 5.8 the panel is not shown in the list... I am are trying to find out that has changed in Plasma 5.8 and this broke... I will keep you informed!! There is a chance that with manual installation of the package after I have updated something, this will be fixed... - Sep 27 2016

Audioplayers 151 comments

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Feb 11 2018
Fantastic player!!!

I would wish only for a bigger involvement from the kde community...
It could really shine as the default music player for Plasma 5... - Oct 22 2016
Now Dock Plasmoid

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 51 comments

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Mar 26 2017
;) - Oct 19 2016
You must disable the following Desktop Effects:
- Blur
- Background Contrast

If this does not work, which theme are u using? - Oct 19 2016
I mean not working.... - Oct 11 2016
u are right ! :)
there are some features now working though, e.g. dropping a launcher from outside and screen filtering,but both of them will be fixed in version 0.4 ... - Oct 11 2016
thank u @lucaslima,

for "not-so-smooth width resizing of the panel" actually this is based on the plasma panel implementation and I havent found a way to overcome it... This is why I am setting alsmost a double panel width in order not to need to resize itself

for "window management options" are you referring to "minimize, maximize etc.", I didnt include them in order to not clutter the menu choices, you can open a ticket for this in the project's github page, - Oct 10 2016
in a few days I will switch to Plasma 5.8 in order to prepare and bake 0.4 versions... ;)
I hope only that my system's upgrade from Plasma 5.7 to 5.8 in going to be a smooth one in order not to lose days in that... - Oct 05 2016
Nice to hear!! In the following version, the icon mechanism-internals has been updated a lot... So I believe that these issues will not appear any more... - Sep 17 2016
Now Dock needs at least Plasma >= 5.7, you probably use lower version... - Sep 17 2016
Ohhh! It is not showing at all!

BTW, I like a lot your panel!! :) - Sep 08 2016
I suppose you are using master from plasma...
There is a change probably in the new libtaskmanager...
I dont know yet... I will use 5.8 when it is published..

the specific line is used only for filtering tasks by screen. If you dont use a second screen you can temporarily comment that line by using
in the beginning of that line in main.qml file - Sep 08 2016
Happy to hear!

1) Dragging an item to rearrange them has been implemented but you need to have your widgets locked in order to work

2) the blank space for firefox happens all the time? If you open a firefox window and then close it, does the firefox launcher is still blank?

3) define a custom icon for a launcher is a feature request? open in the github page please: To be honest I dont know if this feature is needed.... - Sep 06 2016
* small typing error,
2, If you download the master branch for Now Dock Plasmoid you can can simply update it with the command:
plasmapkg2 -u - Aug 31 2016
thanks gzu...

how to use the Now Dock Panel:

- you install from master branch the Now Dock Plasmoid,

- you install from master branch the Now Dock Panel,

to install them you can use for each "plasmapkg2 -i" or "plasmapkg2 -u" for update. For Plasma a panel is just a plasmoid with special behavior.

After that you Unlock your Widgets and in you "Add Panel" list there is a record called "Empty Now Dock Panel",

that's all ... The Now Dock Panel is just a Plasma panel and uses fully its infrastructure...

1. If you download the master branch for Now Dock Panel you can simply install it with the command:
plasmapkg2 - i

2, If you download the master branch for Now Dock Plasmoid you can can simply update it with the command:
plasmapkg2 -i - Aug 31 2016
A little video from what is coming... :) - Aug 30 2016
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Mar 25 2018

Icon Themes

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Dec 14 2011
Latte Dinamico

Latte Layouts

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Jan 19 2018
Aex Plasma

Plasma Themes

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Jan 10 2018
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Nov 25 2017
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements

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Mar 08 2017


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Oct 22 2016
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring

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Aug 28 2016
Dolphin Folder Color

Dolphin Service Menus

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Aug 23 2016


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Jul 28 2016
KRunner Translator

Krunner Plugins

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Feb 26 2013

Icon Themes

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Dec 14 2011

Plasma Themes

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Apr 06 2011

Aurorae Themes

by mcder
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Mar 19 2011
Glowglass-lite black

Aurorae Themes

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Mar 19 2011
Light Aurorae

Aurorae Themes

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Mar 19 2011
Chrome Grayscale Aurorae

Aurorae Themes

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Mar 19 2011

Aurorae Themes

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Mar 19 2011
Air-Oxygen w/ keepabove

Aurorae Themes

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Feb 26 2011

Plasma Themes

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Feb 10 2011
Fuuten Nozomi

KDE 4 Splashscreens

by Freol
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Jan 17 2011