Filip Brcic Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Blic strip

Plasma Comics Apr 27 2011
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DON'T Let It Burn! (1-click Timer) Dolphin Service Menus
Jun 24 2007
Kio-sysinfo-mod Various KDE Extensions
Jun 06 2007
Fame Kalibrator Utilities
Mar 21 2007
Gentoo OS X Tiger Plasma Screenshots
Mar 06 2007
Replace windows Wallpapers Windows
Jan 31 2007 search & delete duplicate files System Software
Jan 22 2007
iksml Office
Jan 14 2007
Futurosoft Kickoff Vista Utilities
Dec 19 2006
Crystal Clear Icon Themes
Oct 16 2006
Valknut Network
Nice to see that someone is doing something about Valknut. Did anybody manage to contact the developer of Valknut, anyway?

When I made the patch for amaroK ( a lot of people asked me if I would like to make a new release or something. I didn't even know before that the developer has disappeared.

Once again, good work. Hope that you will keep integrating new patches & maybe some more features to Valknut. It is a good program, but lacks developers.
Sep 04 2006
Konqueror flash plugin installer Various KDE Extensions
Jul 06 2006
Bananas or What? Wallpaper Other
Jul 06 2006
PowermacG5themes idea KDE 3.x Window Decorations
Jun 21 2006
Torino2006 - #1 Wallpaper Other
Feb 16 2006
Rounded Corners Various KDE Extensions
May 02 2005