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Other Plasma 5 Improvements 84 comments

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Apr 22 2018
Hi. I use Add Widgests -> Download etc. And it says the widget is installed. But I cannot find it in the widget explorer. What am I doing wrong? - Apr 02 2017

Audio 85 comments

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May 03 2016
I also would love to have the code in a central repo to see current development and for easy contribution.

The program works good for me. I need it to gain both ogg and mp3 files. So good to have one tool for all.

Minor issues:
- During operation the About box is not accessible. When there is long operation one can take the time and read it. :)
- Main dialog should be resizable
- The second paragraph of the description could be added to the dialog as introductory text:
"Files which are already gained and need no recalculating are automatically skipped. Files which cannot processed are automatically listed in a dialog box at the end of the job."

Wish: It would be nice if there were a simulation mode. As new user I first would like to see what would be done before I start the operation. (Or instead have some help text as said above)

Best wishes - Sep 26 2014