Adriano Fantini
FFMpegThumbs-MattePaint Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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Jul 31 2016
Thanks! Apr 26 2016
I love this, but it has been out of date in the AUR for ages. Can you mantain it there? Apr 26 2016
KDE-Services 3.0.2 Dolphin Service Menus
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Dec 26 2017
"Text replace" does not abort if clicking "cancel" Apr 24 2016
bumblebee-indicator 0.5 Plasma 5 Various
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Nov 17 2017
Thank you for the update! Apr 24 2016
That'd be awesome! Apr 20 2016
Thank you for the new version.
However, I find it is a terrible design decision that when you click on the applet, the GPU is turned on. On amy systems, bumblebee has a bug in which the GPU is not turned back off. This means that on my system, if I click on the applet, to turn off the GPU I have to go through the removal of nvidia modules, and restarting bumblebee. It's a nice option, but since there is this annoying bug, if should be optional IMHO.

Thanks again! Apr 19 2016
Another small thing:
bumblebee indicator should hide itself when the nvidia card is OFF, and show when the nvidia card is ON.
;) Apr 19 2016
It is quite disappointing to click on this plasmoid and find it empty! Some nice info could be put there, such as GPU usage, temperature, total usage time this session etc. Apr 05 2016
KEncFS 1.6.4 System Software
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Feb 05 2017
If you do something like this:

The you can have nice lock icons in dolphin. However, kencfs cannot mount anymore due to the fact that fusermount needs the nonempty options.

Can you add the possibility to add the
"-o nonempty"
option to the encfs command line? Apr 19 2016
Awesome! Apr 11 2016
Fixed, thanks! Two small niggles:
1) There is an empty toolbar below "File"
2) Would it be possible to have a better tray icon, more in line with standard Plasma Breeze icon? Apr 10 2016
KencFS asks for KDE wallet pwd even if it is not selected in config. Apr 08 2016
Thermal Monitor 1.2.8 Plasma 5 Monitoring
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Sep 08 2017
I don't know which update broke it (I'm on Archlinux), but it seems the bug is back :( Apr 10 2016
Works for me! :) Apr 05 2016
I also have the same problem. Some temperature sources are "OFF" by default and a sources reload is necessary. Apr 05 2016
Color Folder 2.0.2 Dolphin Service Menus
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Jul 28 2017
Don't ask me why, but a reboot later everything seems OK. Sorry and thanks! Apr 09 2016
$ ./

creating file: /home/adriano/.local/share/kservices5//colorfolder.desktop
creating file: /home/adriano/.local/share/kservices5//
kbuildsycoca5 running...
Reusing existing ksycoca
Recreating ksycoca file ("/home/adriano/.cache/ksycoca5_en-GB_h3H5AGgCOUUqYffP2OqscuyRd8c=", version 303)
modified: "colorfolder.desktop"
Still in the time dict (i.e. deleted files) ("apps")
kf5.kservice.sycoca: Parse error in "/home/adriano/.config/menus/applications-merged/" , line 1 , col 1 : "unexpected end of file"
Menu "" not found.
Apr 08 2016
Weather Widget 1.6.10 Plasma 5 Weather
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Oct 06 2017
1) I just looked at the snapshop above, and you have the cloud cover there, that's why I asked ;)

2) My bad, I'm an idiot! No rain for the next days where I live!
3) I was referring to these:,0,2016040512&parameter=Wind%20850%20and%20mslp&area=Europe
and these:,0,2016040500&parameter=MSLP&area=Europe
Unfortunately they have some kind of API, but I'm not sure it can be of help:
most data will probably be in Grib or NetCDF format, which if not good in this case. I did not think of the fact that you'll need something in plain text.
You may find some other general info about useful providers here:
4) Yay!
5) That's all right ;) Apr 05 2016
Hi and thanks for this plasmoid!

I miss a couple of things:
1 - I don't get a cloud cover forecast as you do. Why?
2 - Why no prediction for rainfall amount?
3 - Additional providers. Those used do not really provide very good predictions in many areas. I suggest you could maybe try to use the forecasts from ECMWF - they are quite good, they use a large ensemble size to give an idea of the uncertainty.
4 - As asked before, the ability to have the plasmoid on the desktop, full time, with the full meteogram.
5 - If two consequent locations have the same name/alias, make them use the same scales. This way, I can compare the forecasts from multiple providers (just two right now) for the same area.

Thanks again, awesome plasmoid! Apr 05 2016
Redshift Control 1.0.18 Plasma 5 Various
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Aug 06 2017
Just popping by to say thanks. Thanks! Apr 05 2016