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Apr 02 2017
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Mar 18 2017
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Mar 18 2017
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Mar 11 2017
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Feb 27 2017
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Feb 26 2017
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Dec 24 2016
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Dec 20 2016
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Nov 13 2016
Now Dock Plasma 5 Widgets
It was so long that I wanted a like iOS dock bar that I find the most convenient solution for the management of applications, especially with plasma and its activities that if properly configured make our work much more clean, comfortable, and smart
especially when integrated with applet as folderview to group program categories and their related video tutorials and PDF, all accessible with a single click
always about of intensive use, of the activities, even I find fantastic, an applet called plasmatube, with its preset button for activities is perfect if docked on panel to group different video categories

having said that, I would like to report these problems encountered in the hope that it will be useful to improve the already awesome job you did !!!!

- I can not assign tasks to different activities (or all or just one but no more than one.)

- It is not possible to have separate processes for wine app, and then associate them with activities

- It would be useful to be able to associate folderviews, which I use as categories of programs, to activities

- Cycle scroll through tasks on mouse wheel is disabled, it would be very convenient to use it as well as I did with kxdocker

- To avoid jumping from one activity to another, I usually prefer to configure nowdock to show only tasks of current activity. But in this case, is there a practical way, to list the activities that use it ? ( on launcher itself or maybe in the task panel )

- Kxdocker at one time used png icons and seemed far less blurry, is it my impression ? It depends on the type of image (svg) or is a problem of scaling up rather than down ?

- Is there a road map that I can follow ? I can not resist to discover the features you're working on :)

Really nice work !!! thank you so much !!!!!
Nov 13 2016
PlasmaTube Plasma 5 Widgets
Sep 23 2016
PlasmaTube Plasma 5 Widgets
Amazing I did not thought That you could !! you are great ;)

- What happens if you upgrade your plasmatube ... will preserved the preset buttons settings ? ... There is the possibility of preserving the google account? although actually the method you use to authenticate in google is very convenient and smart

- To have the chance to see a new playlist, it would be nice to add a "back" button to exit from playlist/channel, and then, back on the search previews

- Do you know to the youtube-dl script? I found it in the official opsnSUSE's repository and is fantastic allows you to download entire playlist by passing the URL, well it would be nice to add it somewhere in the main window or in other place
- When you change from one activity to another, the search key used in the previous activity, remains stored in the search field, then should clean up the search fild and exit from preset buttons view

- There is the possibility to add a button "maximize" to improve readability in the video with text or open the video in the browser?

- Add the search options in the settings module as sort by leanguage and other

- It would be useful to show the number of videos alongside the written channel/playlist in the thumbnail video preview

- In older versions, you supplied it, a set of preset pre configured buttons, well, now you could create several preset buttons groups to associate with the respective combo-box activities (user's activities list to load), only to facilitate understanding of the activities to those who did not use

- "Recommended" videos from youtube would be very comfortable but I would not know how to implement it I think it's difficult to reach the user preferences db
Sep 21 2016
PlasmaTube Plasma 5 Widgets
Hi Zanturik

When plasmatube is docked in the panel, it happens that, the preset buttons do not follow current activity, it would be really helpful since I intend to place it permanently in my dock panel, it can happen very often you need to switch from "Design" activitiy (presetbuttons: "tutorial gimp" "Inkscape tutorial" "tutorial Blender") to a new activity "Developement" and then, finding all the preset buttons adapted to the new activity (presetbuttons:"Python tutorial" "tutorial C ++" "Java tutorial"). I am convinced that Ivan Cukic the developer who brought forward the development of activities in kde would be very happy
* Font / button colors now taken from the current theme
    ok it works well
* Playlist / channels now back in search results showing the list of videos after clicking
    - Search on plasmatube
        It works very well
        In Youtube there is a session that refers to the suggested videos based on the user preferences, well, it might be interesting to have a set of suggested videos instead that by user preferences, even in this case, based on type of current activitiy, but do not know if you can do it
        And have the ability to add presetbutton from here would be the top
    - Search on plasmatube setting form
        I can only add presetbuttons for channels but not for playlists and usually those looking for something on the tube mainly seeks playlist.
        If I search for "python" in the plasmatube setting form get far fewer results than the same research carried out on youtube (channel field) and in any case Mmmh is not comfortable at all because there is not the possibility to have a preview of the video !!. Probably the best solution would be to do all this from plasmatube perhaps with a search field to the playlist and one for channels and thus add redsults as presetbuttons from here by a right clck on the plasmatube's top-video previews panel
* Number of videos in settings
        It works very well
Sep 18 2016
PlasmaTube Plasma 5 Widgets
Sep 15 2016
PlasmaTube Plasma 5 Widgets
Sep 10 2016