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Latte Dock 0.7.0 Various Plasma 5 Stuff
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Aug 16 2017
Ok, I removed latte-dock alltogether from mi system, I went into AUR and installed the 0.6.0 and I ran from terminal and I have the menu I used to have!!!!! It seems to be working. I will say I was runing from terminal versions 0.5.8 and 0.5.9. Thank y-all so much for the assist!
Apr 06 2017
As you can see in the pic in the link the screen is blank with no options. And this holds true regardless of how I run it, install it or what ISO or system I install it. Apr 06 2017
I am just not having luck with the appereance menu.
Apr 05 2017
Thank you for replying, I did install it from AUR, also I installed it from the +Widgets area and it does install and I can indeed go into the Prefrences, that is not the issue here, no matter what version I install or from where I install it I do not get the Appearance menu, I even did a clean install just to rule it out, I have no control of the zoom or profile or what the dock does (visible, intelihide, etc) Now, a couple of versions back I know latte-dock did have that menu, it was just tricky to get at. Any help is greatly appreciated. Apr 05 2017
I really want this to work for me, I am running Manjaro KDE and I am able to install and add it as a widget or run it as an application but what I cant get and I have tried in another computer I have with the same Distro is to get the Appearance menu to populate, any help?? Apr 02 2017