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Jan 08 2013
If I revert Revision fed630d9 it is working perfectly on my system.

@jamanel: Can you check what version is working for you? The standard from KDE:Unstable:Playground or my patched version from home:balta3:branches:KDE:Unstable:Playground - Oct 04 2011
After updating to the current git I got this problem back :( It was working like it should before (It was the git version from July 9th) - Sep 27 2011
Have you tried the current suse-packages from KDE:Unstable:Playground-repo? They are working here in a similiar setup without problems. - Aug 17 2011
This is a known bug in an older version of oxygen-transparent, it's placing windows to the position 0,0. It was fixed a long time ago.

Since you are using the packages for suse... I'm kind of "maintaining" this package. Perhaps you are using a "svnXXXXXX"-version? Sadly "svnXXXXXX" is a higher version than "gitXXXXXX" for rpm, so you are not getting the latest updates. You need to "downgrade" to the git-version manually.

BTW, then will this theme get a real version-number? :D - Aug 17 2011

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Feb 21 2010

kbluetooth is one of the best kde-apps ;) But I'm really missing the audio-feature.

Is it already in current svn? Is there any time for release of 0.5? - Jul 13 2010
Kadu Penguins

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Aug 07 2010
Since Kopete can be used for skype, are there any plans to extend it to the emoticons for skype? There are a lot missing :( - Jul 05 2010

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Nov 12 2007

Thanks for this great tool!

I found just one little problem...
I'm using a Athlon64 and if I want to use kqemu I need to use qemu-system-x86_64 instead of qemu. Is there any possibility to change this??

And could you add options for kqemu?? I mean -no-kqemu and -kernel-kqemu

(See )

Greets - Jan 21 2007