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Guitar Tuner

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Suspend Applet

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Guitar Tuner

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Mar 22 2010
I've added the ability to tune to different notes (currently within the range of 5 half-steps of each guitar string) but only when playing tones instead of actual guitar tunes.

Send me recordings of the tuned strings of your sitar and I'd be happy to include them in the next revision. - Mar 11 2010
Fixed in 1.1. Enjoy :) - Mar 09 2010
Version 1.1 stops the sound when you press the button again. It also shows which note is playing by keeping that button depressed until the note finishes.

As far as playing arbitrary notes goes, I'm investigating if I can generate tones on the fly. I won't be including more real guitar recordings because of size constraints but if I can generate tones I'll provide a way to create custom groupings of buttons. - Mar 09 2010
Currently the applet is as simple as you can get. It plays audio clips when buttons are pressed. I'll look into generating and playing tones (where I can then change the notes myself) but the javascript api is very very simple so I'm not sure how much I can do. I'll of course post it here if I do have improvements. - Feb 23 2010
Remember The Milk Google Gadget Plasmoid

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Mar 22 2009

I'm the developer of the other remember the milk plasmoid. I just wanted to note that it's now moved from playground to kdereview, with the possibility of even ending up being released with KDE 4.3.

You can find it at

Andrew Stromme - May 01 2009

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Nov 17 2007
I'm not sure if it's still maintained, but it looks like an interesting backup solution. I have been playing with TimeVault, a simple gnome backup tool that has similar goals. I know that their underlying architectures are currently quite different, but I wonder if these two could form a standard base and then work on kde/gnome front end interfaces for the base?

I would love to have a desktop antagonistic backup service but still have the integration of configuration interfaces tied to DEs. - May 20 2008