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Most of the dark schemes i tryied were tiring for the eyes and made it always difficult to read. So i created this scheme for kde4 with a good contrast, combining black, red and white.
Black backgrounds in order to reduce the luminosity, red for the hover/highlight and white for the letters. A three colors combination pleasant to the eyes.

After three months of use i decided to share it in case someone else was tired of the too dark colors out there. Hope you enjoy!

***For manual installation just extract the archive in the ~/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes/ directory

***When using gtk apps like firefox you may encounter white fonts on white background and thus making it impossible to read text. To solve this problem you could use the workaround mentioned in the arch wiki:

in case you don't find the folder chrome under .mozilla/firefox/xxxxx.default you should create it by yourself as the userContent.css file.

It makes a good integration with Oxygen Refit Black icon set which you can find it here: plus Calendonia or Oxygen desktop theme that you usually find it pre-installed.
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