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This is just a test I\'m doing for the plasmoid Facebook applet. I\'m playing with the pause settings in the script because when my laptop loads it freezes plamsa from loading for to long.

7 years ago


I tried this but everytime I reboot, the plasmoid fails to load. I am not sure why. Then I have to close the plasmoid and add it again and it starts working.


7 years ago


If your using a laptop its normal that it might not work, because if your trying to connect to a new wireless network the plasma desktop won't load until it is connected to internet. So what you could do to get your desktop back is to plug your laptop to internet with an ethernet cable. After to make sure it doesn't happen again remove the widget until a better solution is found for the script. But this widget was to be used at your own risk. If your still having problems write me back.



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