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Plasmoid (KDE 4.6+)

Shows updated prices from BullionVault. The plasmoid has a presentation similar to the official widget shown in the homepage. You can choose the currency to use in the settings.

Note: When the widget is added to the desktop you will see only 0s until the next update.

1.1: Update prices correctly after login and for other currencies (GBP, USD).


Provides updates on the price of gold using the BullionVault service. There are 3 data sources one for each supported currency: USD, GBP, EUR. By default prices are updated every 45 seconds.

See http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=139036 for the individual content.


9 years ago


I think this could be very useful, but I have a problem with it when it is set to show the data in GBP. The value it displays is incorrect after a re-boot, and the only way to get it to update correctly is to open the setting, change it to USD or Euro, close the setting, open them up again and re-set them to GBP. Currently with the price from BullionVault at £1,106, the plasmoid is displaying £1,247 - which looks like the Euro price. It would be great if this could be fixed.

As it is so important that the application information is correct, I unfortunately have to remove this from my desktop at this time.

As an additional suggestion, it would be good to see some buttons in the plasmoid that would allow the user to change the currency without having to open up the settings dialog.




9 years ago

You're right. If the plasmoid shows incorrect data it kind of invalidates it's existence; I'll check into that tonight.

I only use the EUR so it would be easy for me to miss that type of problem with other currencies. The wrong behavior after a reboot is known to me but again, with EUR, it's only a matter of waiting a minute and it updates correctly so I never fixed it.

About the option, in the interface, to change currencies I think it's more important now because you need to change them often to fix problems. Let me try and fix those first before looking into the interface. The interface part it's always troublesome to me :).



9 years ago

I thought it was probably because you used a different currency, and if no-one comments and it works well enough for you, then it isn't a problem!

I've never made a plasmoid, and so I have no idea of the difficulty of interface programming within them.

Thanks for the quick response, it is a great idea and it would be very useful to me.


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