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Plasma 4 Extensions

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This widget wraps GMail Tasks in your desktop.
KDE 4.5 or later is required to work properly.

Set GMail to remember your account on Konqueror or Rekonq.

Use Plasma's Get New Widgets From Internet

Or download and install with:
plasmapkg -i gtasks.plasmoid

How to put system tray:
1. Right click on the system tray arrow, or a border of it.
2. Click on System Tray settings
3. Unlock desktop
4. Check 'Google Tasks'
5. Click 'Accept/OK'

Simpler Tasks widget:

Google's description:
Last changelog:

9 years ago

1.4 Network recover fix.
1.3 Initial release.



5 years ago

I like your plasmoid very much! It helps me organize my stuff on multiple devices easily.
Two questions are open for me:
1. Is there any way to resize the width of the two columns (the tasks title and the description)?
2. I have two different gmail-accounts in use and so the displayed tasks switch automatic between them. Is is possible to set an account manuel in the plasmoid itself?

Thanks for your work an keep on!


9 years ago

1.4 Network recover fix.
1.3 Initial release.

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