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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Fixed version of the Facebook Plasmoid Script by nferenc. Fixes the reboot bug. It is deichschuh who found out how to fix that,I just put it together and uploaded it. For some reason I could install it directly from my laptop, so I uploaded it to add it from the plasma widget manager. That will make things easier for some others also.


11 years ago

on the one hand i can only say great job, you solved that problem. Thumb up.

(Sorry I have no clue how to program)

Following situation:

I have your Facebook applet on my laptop - I love it - but always when i go to the library to work for school my desktop does not appearer - i have a black screen, but i can start via alt + F2 every program I want.

Reason: Now it waits until there is a ping to the internet (well to google ;) )

But at the library I don't have wireless, so it blocks my pc... :(

With my Desktop-PC it works perfectly, but if there is no network, i have a problem...



11 years ago

so i got this and i put it on my desktop and it works fine... but whenever i boot up my plasma desktop stops working. The only solution is deleting the plasma desktop files under my account in order to reset the desktop. I made sure it wasnt anything else and ran kubuntu without any plasmoids, but when i put this one on, i rebooted once and strange colors went across my screen after hearing the login in sound. is this something wrong with my desktop or what?



11 years ago

Thanks for creating this, any chance you might make one for myspace?


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