Kopete Shiny Emoticons


Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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This is an emoticon set that I made for Kopete. Please let me know via comments what you think good or bad. I hope you like it. Enjoy!! :-)


13 years ago

Long life to kopete.

(Post this in Gnome-look.org; It has not a lot of sense here)




13 years ago

I'm afraid I don't quite understand your comment. I have no issues with Kopete, however it does not meet my needs so I use Pidgin. I have posted this theme to both KDE-Look (because a lot of people, myself included, use Pidgin with KDE even though it's a GTK application) and GNOME-Look because parties from both camps use Pidgin.

I'm somewhat perplexed by the lack of any meaningful comments and this work's pitiful rating. I would hope that someone could shed some light on the subject without giving me a GTK vs QT/KDE vs GNOME reason. I can't make my stuff better if I don't know what's wrong with it.



13 years ago

You are right. We must be constructive.

On the artistic side.

1. I like the shapes, the details of the faces but not the colour. I suppose the green was intended to be fluorescent-like but (and sorry to say this) it looks like a body fluid I won't name. Maybe it'd be better if you make the green more yellowy or darker.

2. Green against blue doesn't make the cut: they are similar colours and don't much.Change the background of the image and you will get more 'yes' votes.

I have seen better themes so I voted 'no'. That's a personal opinion.

On the philosophic side. I use KDE and I don't like at all Gnome and GTK+ apps. I've tried Pidgin, I've tried Ubuntu and all that and, though great apps, I feel like they are castrated all around. And that's Gnome HIG policy. I need more power in an app. And that's opinion, I encourage you to disagree.I won't blame anyone for using Pidgin, Gnome or Ubuntu. But I wasn't about this.

But If I come to KDE-look.org I expect to found KDE related things or neutral things, not GTK+ or Gnome related stuff. If I want them I can always go Gnome-look.org (and I do from time to time). That's what I meant in my non polite reply 'long live to Kopete' because that It's what I expect to find here is Kopete, Kmess, Psi stuff and so.



12 years ago

are you serious? this is not gnome nor gtk stuff. they are just ICONS! why would you think that?

ps: i think they look great


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