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a Iconpack who i had make collages from diffrent pictures .. any Icons who i had make is from pictures were has no watermark, no istock pictures,but oky, i can say it's a child of inet... ;)
(If not directly load it if you installed, reload a other theme then load again RealTime- Icons for fully loading the Icon-theme)
Take real-photos create collages and make as icons.. the "startpack" is from the from Breathless.tar.gz and had make enhanced and extended... or so.. added 5 folders, and make correcting the script for there more folders in the source, added/change codes and folder.. and mannnnnnyyyyy icons ;)
EEEEhhhhmmm Hey, Gamers.. Doom3, Quake, this one from ID and so.. if you installing this icontheme you have a customacing feeling ;) or how it write ;)*s*

Tip : Did you see my Colortheme ? for realtime - colorsheme

The old,gone Gnu Linux Forum's Tux, or Mark letz make a lil support for his Distrie , Puppy ;) LiveCD and more.. try it out !

(i use Openmandriva, it's modular and the best for me..(Serversoft and so.. workstation too ;) for .. eehhmm.. gaming ??*lol* and working.. naturlemonde ;)

Update !!!!!(25-08-2012)

Mandriva many shares are purchased by Jean-Manuel Croset, he saved Mandriva now on 2012 and the Distro and Association around have now the Name Openmandriva !! Get it back to Community and try to save the Factory Mandriva SA in Frace ..
Now It is grow up again the Community and want come back to old size ! There for i have actualization my Icon-theme Real Time to call by side, Mandriva growing up again, but now as Community on (never kommerz again !!), come back and help !! We need Packers and Programmers and Members too ;) !!

Update !!!!!(22-05-2013)

you are welcome to help build up our Distro like it was !

Update !!!!!(02-02-2015)
OMLX 2014.0x it's usable and work well so far :)

and the Alfa 2015 it's on the Way,

( °v°)
/(omlx) OpenMandriva
^ ^ Linux

oky, tha's all Folks, load it, try it out and feel good..(i hope it ;))

by finish iconpack:
load the iconpack.. and use the systemsettings or install it over Icon-configuration

if you want use Icon download or download it over his homepage :
(it is set as Icon "real time" Homepage !)

best regards


1 year ago

various fixes and file name changes
Upload the Scaled SVG-Only Real Time Theme.. only 45 Meg ! :D faster for Download !
SVG-Theme updated !
varios-Iconupdates and Libreoffice-Icons added(lo-*.svg and mime)
varios-Icon updates and now all in svgz :)
network-wireless, contacts updated .
now a more nice contacts icon and the blue WlanIcon with letters "WiFi" unter the icon on Systray :) Have Fun !

1 year ago


I like these Icons So far But I decided this time to download the source pkg & found there is no script,So what are we supposed to do with them,how can you add them to theme manager as normally you can just extract to /usr/share/icons


1 year ago


Heheh funny website ya got there Blacky :-)


4 years ago


Hy Peoples, i say it again, i had recreated the Icontheme for KDE 4.0 and Real Time whant "die HaRd" !
Many fun with it and don't forget to reset you icon theme if you have installed it for cached at all again :D

KDE4 Icon Reset

best regards


8 years ago


thanks a lot~


8 years ago


i downloaded both files

when i start the from the source pack terminal says:

go into the themedir..
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ cd theme-source
...and now we run the theme maker...
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ buildset
./buildset: 1: .org: not found
./buildset: 31: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
mv: Aufruf von stat für „*.tar.gz“ nicht möglich: No such file or directory
finish and at end, you can now install or copy your'e theme ;)..puah.. :D=b
[localhost@localdomain ~]$ cd ..

i copyed all the icons from the other file to the theme-source folder then, but it ended with the same error.

if i start the, nothing happens after choosing the kmenu icon. it just says:
Using the kmenu.png icon as your kmenu icon.
Ready to go! Converting all icons! (about 15 seconds on an Athlon 64)

but i got quite a fast computer, so it shouldnt take much longer than 15 seconds.
am i doing something wrong?


8 years ago


ok, seems that i just needed much patience

but if i install the theme in systemsettings now (kcontrol is outdated in intrepid) it doesnt change much. most icons in kmenu are missing or simply wrong and the folders still got the old icons

im using kde4, so maybe it isnt made for it



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