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This icon theme is based on Saki's excellent classic nuoveXT-1.6 icons, but some icons/icon additions I have taken from snowish (also by Saki), OS-L, crystalclear, realistiK and Tango. All "robbed" icon themes are GPL according to Many many thanks for all this fabulous icons. The photos I have used for some folders are taken by myself.

You should have installed an icon theme like nuoveXT, nuvox, Vista-Inspirate or snowish because this theme does not contain all necessary icons (I mostly concentrated on filesystems, actions and some applications) and therefore "inherits" those themes (if installed). If necessary edit the line "Inherits=" in the index.desktop file if you want another icon theme to be included or if you want to change the order of the used themes.

Because an icon theme which contains all icons in all sizes is a very huge package I have written a script to convert the missing sizes and only provide the 128x128 icons.

Unpack the theme to a directory of your choice and execute "./iconvert_nb". The script will do the work of converting the icons for you and tries to sharpen the smaller ones accordingly. BTW: The theme does not contain folder.png and folder_open.png because I cannot know if you prefer a simple black folder or a colored one (I prefer the red one, therefore a lot of the folder icons are based on the red one). The script will ask you which one you prefer and then link folder.png and folder_open.png to it.

In accordance to the original theme this theme also goes with GPL.

If you use the excellent multimedia viewer IrfanView (alas a Windows only app which nonetheless flawlessly works with wine) you maybe want to use the nuoveXT Black toolbar skin for it too:

Have fun
Janet aka spacepenguin


13 years ago

These are awesome. I like them very much. Keep up the good work.



13 years ago

I really like the way these look, but when i go to install it says its an invalid theme. Could you help me use it?




13 years ago

Hmm too. I have not only provided installation instructions in the description of this theme right here on this page but there's also a README in the archive. Both information says: "Unpack the theme to a directory of your choice and execute "./iconvert_nb"." If that's too difficult to understand or to do please tell me the concrete problems.



13 years ago

To my eye, you have captured the perfect balance and tone for the dark and dark/neutral kde desktop, You have invested hour upon hour getting this ready for presentation and I want you to know that I appreciate your time every bit as much as I appreciate your talent.,

thank you




13 years ago

I've been looking for a good dark icon theme. My whole desktop has a dark theme, and I could never find a good icon theme to go with it. Thanks.



13 years ago

I'm triyng your icons now and, well, they looks just beatiful.
I hope you keep up the work and make more and more icons.
Anyway, thanks!


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