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Tenuto-Oxygen is a modified version of my Tenuto-Light window decoration (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=121891) tweaked to work with the Oxygen widget style and the default KDE color scheme.

One of my goals was to create a window decoration that looks good in non-QT/GTK applications. Programs like Thunderbird and Wine look particularly poor when using the Oxygen window decoration, as everything appears the same color gray. Tenuto-Oxygen adds a nice element of subtle color to the windows.

NOTE: Using KDE 4.9, tabbed windows no longer work, although the SVG elements for the tabbed windows are still included in this theme and should work in KDE 4.8 or earlier (not tested). There is supposed to be a halo effect around the text, but this also does not work in KDE 4.9. The Aurorae theme engine is currently undergoing an overhaul, and the firstfruits of these changes can already be seen, as Aurorae window decorations all perform considerably better in KDE 4.9 than they did in earlier versions, at least on my machine.
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- First version.

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8 years ago

- First version.

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Aurorae is used by Kwin to provide customized Window Decorations for KDE Plasma.
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