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This theme is long overdue! My first try did not do the color justice. This time justice has been served! For all users as myself that suffer from the pangs of incompatibilties between Gnome 3.8 and Nemo, this should be a great addition. The heart of its creation is based on a theme I thoroughly enjoyed and used for a year straight! That theme then became incompatible and I lost those looks. So for a week straight I strove to adjust that theme, recolor so everyone can enjoy its beauty! I am sure the original author would be pleased to watch his awesome work get another run! Please enjoy, comments always welcome but spam is never welcome! This is a pack of 2 themes a re-issue of Ambiance Burgundy 1.25 and a new issue of Ambiance Burgundy 2.0. Lower is lighter and other is a little darker in some aspects. Main cure is no more white around boxes is all nicely filled in with color as should be.


7 years ago

I said 'NO SPAM" please sell your trash somewhere else! Am still broke and even if I did have cash I would not buy from someone who can not respect my wishes! I worked very hard on this theme to make it enjoyable and usable. I would just love to hear what someone thinks! Or maybe no one out there thinks anymore?????


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Beryl and Emerald are theme decorators used under Compiz to provide window themes.

Themes can also be used with KDE Plasma via Smaragd: