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This is my first attempt at creating a theme. I borrowed buttons from Wombat and edited them (created a menu button and made the X go red on hover) and I took the glow png from Orangelook and used is as the base for the glow effect.

I made it because I wanted something that looked good but wasn't distracting. Something I can use every day...

If you you use a background colour other than #EFEBE7 (which Ubuntu's "Human" theme use) you have to edit the theme to keep the "unified titlebar" illusion:

For all blend colours, use the eyedropper tool in the colour dialog to get the background colour, then add 4 to the HSV value.

For all other colours, use the background colour.

I hope you like it!


14 years ago

Nice round borders and fits with the human theme. Good work to be the first one!


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