Plumbum ( QtCurve )
QtCurve Themes

This setting for QtCurve is optimized for use with the following color scheme (as shown in the screenshot):

Or any dark scheme.
The ZIP file contains this Plumbum Tones color scheme and QtCurve settings.

You need to install the needed packages in your distribution related to QtCurve. In Kubuntu:
sudo aptitude install qtcurve

Then from systemsettings > Appearance > Style, select QtCurve, and \"Configure\". Then \"Import\" and select the downloaded file.

To get reddish external glare of windows set from systemsettings > Appearance > Window > Shadows in \"Active Window Glow\"

Size: 29
Vertical Offset: 0
Inner Color: #AE1406
Outer Color: #AF371F

Wallpaper used in screenshots is:
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