Kanzi Suite
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OS-X inspired suite for KDE4

***Quick Update, forgot to add color scheme***

Requires: Bespin, Aurorae, (Optional: Fancy Tasks Plasmoid)


Bespin Config
Aurorae Windeco
Icon Theme
Plasma Theme
Fancy Tasks dock background
Color Scheme

As a workaround to get different icons in systemtray/dock and menus you may want to run \"kmenuedit\" and manually set the icons for amarok, kopete and ktorrent to the \"appname_dock\" icons provided in the icon theme

Includes a amarok icon by deviantdark (hydroxygen), as a stand-in until I make my own :)
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8 years ago

0.70 initial Release

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8 years ago

0.70 initial Release

product-maker e1nste1n Mar 26 2011

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