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This is a collection of goodies for the KDE, Gnome and IceWM desktop. The idea is to make something for the three (and if not more) window managers/desktop environments together. More is planned and on the way. :-)

The general look and feel of Creamy-Human Collections is meant to be quite unique, at least for the KDE desktop.

This collection was heavily inspired by the Ubuntu default GTK theme - Human. Also, the work of William Szilveszter, a Gnome desktop designer who made gperfection2 and the Graphite Suite. Thanks to mavvert who ported the Clearbox GTK theme into an IceWM, otherwise there would not be a window decoration. Cheers to the IceWM team and the folks that helped me out on their mailing list. Also to proflynx, who published a nice wavy and simple wallpaper (which I used as one of the layers for Plume) on Thanks to the team who work on The GIMP and Inkscape, without these free applications none of this would be possible.

An overall thanks goes to the entire free/open source community. Cheers all, I hope you like Creamy-Human Collections. Please enjoy. :-)

If you would like to know more about this, please visit:-


10 years ago

v0.2 released Saturday 06 August 2005
Fixed the file links after changing server

11 years ago


I'm now using Creamy. :)

May I ask what's the name of the window deco?



11 years ago


The window decoration looks like Crystal. I use it too.


11 years ago


The window decoration is part of Creamy-Human Collection. It's an IceWM theme, just look at the list of downloads - it's one or two the bottom of that list (in this content upload) of downloads - you must've just missed it. ;-)

You've got mavvert to thank for the porting of that theme (from GTK 2.0 to IceWM). :-)



11 years ago


Nice work!

I like the plume wallpaper a lot, is there a high resolution version available somewhere ? :D


11 years ago


I could probably make a similar high reso one for those of your running bigger screens and monitors. I realise that Plume ended up being smaller in resolution than Creamy-Human v2.

Hey, since you were the original porter of the Clearbox GTK theme, into IceWM, interested in joining this little collection and working to make a few more goodies? I'd certainly be honoured to work together. :-)

Cheers and best wishes,




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