Модификация тем иконок от sebastianblonde, jmsoviet, gardmo, pawanyadav, EepSetiawan. Всего 22659 иконок в apps.
Максимальная совместимость с MATE, KDE, XFCE, Deepin.

Скачивание: Gears

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Modification Icon theme by sebastianblonde, jmsoviet, gardmo, pawanyadav, EepSetiawan.
All 22659 icons in apps.
Maximum compatibility with MATE, KDE, XFCE, Deepin.

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Last changelog:

ver. 1.3 22 days ago

Added 800 icons.


1 year ago

Guvcview,Dvd95 missing!!!!!


ver. 1.3 22 days ago

Added 800 icons.

ver. 1.2 4 months ago

Added 300 icons.

22.03.2017 10 months ago

Added 2000 icons. New index.theme. Fixed Bug.

2 years ago

16.02.2015. Added 450 icons. Fixed bugs. Check the rules in script for non-replaceable icon.

v. 08. Added 200 icons and rules in script for ROSA Desktop Fresh R6 LXQt.

31.12.2015. Fixed bugs. Added color symbolic icon. Added theme for Inksape.

23.08.2015. New script is autonomous without curl. Option -r will return everything as it was.

A script running in


1270 icons in mimetypes.

13.08.2015. Added 200 icons and script for the non-replaceable icons.

11.05.2015. Added 84 icons.

24.04.2015. Added 200 icons.

18.04.2015. Added 144 icons.

13.04.2015. Added 230 icons. Fixed bugs.

31.03.2015. Added 50 icons.

29.03.2015. Added 3000 icons.

04.02.2015. Fixed some broken icons.
Added 98 icons keyboard indicators.

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