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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 75%

Vector icon theme for GTK. It can be used with XFce or GNOME. (I added logos for Ubuntu. Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, Zenwalk, Mndriva and Mint)

I put all files into git repository on github All errors and missing icons you can submit as issues there.

There are seven predefined themes (in five color schemes)

caeruleus - blue gradient
lux_caeruleus - glossy variant
canus - grey gradient(default)
dark_canus - dark grey gradient (for light themes)
luteus - orange gradient
violaceus - violet/pink gradient
lux_violaceus - glossy variant
viridis - green gradient
albus - white solid

To install copy Clarity folder to ~/.icons

You can now use PPA to install clarity icons
[indent] $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jcubic/jcubicppa && sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install clarity-icon-theme[/indent]

To change color theme of icons:
[indent] 1. you need to have installed rsvg-convert (in Ubuntu 16.04 it's in librsvg2-bin package)
2. open folder ~/.icons/Clarity
3. execute change-theme script
4. select the theme and click ok[/indent]
If you install from PPA repository or deb package run script as root:
[indent] $ gksu change-theme[/indent]

or from terminal:
[indent] $ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make (name of the theme)[/indent]

If you install from PPA repository or deb package:
[indent] $ cd /usr/share/icons/Clarity
$ sudo make (name of the theme)[/indent]

To change distributor logo

[indent] $ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make fedora[/indent]
(available logos are: arch, debian, fedora, gentoo, gnome, kubuntu, madriva, mint, suse, ubuntu, xfce, xubuntu and zenwalk)

If you install from PPA repository or deb package:
[indent] $ cd /usr/share/icons/Clarity
$ sudo make fedora[/indent]


You can create your own colors for icons
by modifying or creating new template which is SVG file.

After creating new template in src/template_your_name.svg just double click change-theme and select your theme. (if you want to use make you must run configure first)

NOTE: You must have installed zenity, change-theme depend on it and also rsvg-convert for 16px icons

Last changelog:

0.5.1 2 months ago

Fix big icons in Evolution on Debian based distros



8 years ago

Put the filenames of this icons. I don't have these programs and I don't know how to call them. They should be visible in folder for icons that have replacement for these or in /usr/share/icons.

Easytag is the package but I forget to add one symlink.




8 years ago

I thing that icon for ATI Catalyst can't be changed. I have this tool and I can't find the place where this icons is defined. If you have replacement for it in some icons that you have installed put the name of the file.



8 years ago

Thanks for reply

I make a ZIP for you with a readme and some pics

Thanks a lot




8 years ago

I add these icons you requested and I create icon for lotta but you don't include the filename.

Icon for accessories is already there but it seems that it shows icons from AwOken for hint.

Icon for monitors is in the package too but it display icon from next Icons in the stack which is Humanity or gnome (it's skip AwOken). If you find the name of the file put it in comment.



8 years ago


Icon for Monitor settings is in /usr/share/icons/humanity/apps

his name is preferences-desktop-display.svg

Icon for lottanzb is in Awoken theme

his name is lottanzb.png

Thanks for the update




8 years ago

I update the package.



8 years ago

Thanks for fast update

It's perfect, I just have to edit menus to change Skrooge and aTunes icons

Thanks a lot



8 years ago


I'm sorry but can you make icons for :

Tuxtremsplit, Kmajhongg, Kshisen, Yahtzeesharp and Meld

Original icon for tuxtremsplit
Original icon for Kmahjongg
Original icon for Kshisen
Original icon for Yahtzeesharp
Original icon for Meld

Original icon for tuxtremsplit is located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/128x128/apps
Original icon for Kmahjongg is located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps
Original icon for Kshisen is located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps
Original icon for Yahtzeesharp is located in /usr/share/pixmaps
Original icon for Meld is located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps

Thank you




8 years ago

You may download updated package.



8 years ago

hey, good job with this, looks really neat. :D



8 years ago

The only one good monochrome icon set! Perfect, thank you very much ! Awoken can go away..! :D



8 years ago

They look nice in the screenshots, but the icon theme doesn't work in my Fedora 14 :(

Any thoughts?





8 years ago

I will download Fedora LiveCD and when I have time, I will check this out.




8 years ago

The problem was with comments before svg main tag in icons files. I fix this problem so it should work now.



8 years ago

Thank you! Now it works perfectly :)




8 years ago

this looks very niice mate!

i think you should have made it all easier to work with.

I am not quite a "n00b" at installing/customizing themes...
but I dont even know how to use this.

I think a majority of folks will feel the same way.

i mean,
its a PITA to customize..
and its even a PITA to install.
why not make it 'normal'.?

oh well,
sweet looking set,
wish i could use it.

nice work anyway.



8 years ago

yea i cant even install this thing man.

no idea how,
and you dont include how in the README file.

that sucks. :(

figured i could at least just use them grey,
but no...
needs to be installed for that. lol

fockin hell



8 years ago


the name of the theme is "clarity"
, yet there is not much clarity on how to use it, for those who are not pro linux customizers.

to everyday people..
'clarity' is not present here mate.

Although beauty is. lol




8 years ago

To install this theme.

$ tar xzvf clarity.tar.gz
$ cp -R Clarity ~/.icons

And it should be installed.

to switch colors of icons (I create Makefile so you just type make)

blue icons:

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make caeruleus

orange icons:

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make luteus

violet icons

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make violaceus

green icons

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make viridis

The rest is if you want to create your own color theme or add new icons. To create your own theme you must hove some SVG knowledge. If you just want to change color

I put this in Readme so It will be clear.



8 years ago

Thanks for the reply..
and sorry for seeming like a dick earlier....
my apologies.

I just followed your instructions again,
and cannot even get past your first command.

Dimension:~$ tar xzvf clarity.tar.gz
tar (child): clarity.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

What does that mean?

Is there something I have to do before that?

I never have trouble installing themes..
so it's just very aggravating.. lol
especially on such a niice looking theme set. lol

Thanks again.
Peace <3




8 years ago

This message means that tar can't find a file clarity.tar.gz. First you must go to directory where you download this file, with cd command (when you start terminal emulator it's always in your home directory). In Firefox if you click left button it download to standard directory something like ~/Download (you can check this in Firefox preferences). If so you must type
cd ~/Download to change directory.
If you get the file clicking right and "save as" you can select directory where the file be downloaded.

You can also search for that file:
find ~ -name clarity.tar.gz
this should return the path where that file is located.

Then you must unpack that file because it's compressed to do this you must use tar
tar xzvf clarity.tar.gz
this will create directory Clarity in directory where you are. you must copy this directory to ~/.icons (if you don't have one you must create it mkdir ~/.icons)
cp -r Clarity ~/.icons
then you must go to that directory
cd ~/.icons/Clarity
in this directory is Makefile (this file is use by makefile program to do his magic) you must run make program which follow the rules in Makefile. if you type make without parameter it display list of available themes and if you put the name of the theme it build your icons.
so if you want blue icons type:
make caeruleus
you must wait until make is finish and you should have blue icons. (Sometimes you must change icons to some other and then select Clarity agent because icons are hold in memory and they must be refreshed)

PS: If you unpack the icons some other way then from command line, like with fileroller from GUI, you don't need to use tar - tar just unpack the file. I just put this for people that don't know how to install icons. If you successful set Clarity icons and you have grey, and you want to change colors you must simply go to ~/.icons/Clarity and type make caeruleus (or other theme) and make will automagically build icons. if you ever see open source software (it's source) it always use make to compile - this is Unix matra:
./configure && make && make install



8 years ago

Thank you!

I now have it installed! :)

Much easier to just drag it into the theme preference window. lol

Now I will play with changing the colors.

Thanks again for your help, and for your work.

I appreciate it. <3



8 years ago

I just changed colors!

It is all very easy now!

Thanks soo much for making it easy for CLI noobs!

It is now perfect! lol

and the viridis color scheme (green)
matches my Xmas desktop perfectly!
It was just the touch it needed!

Thanks again.

It is now at the top of the list of my 3 favorite icons themes. :D





8 years ago

If you still have problems I create script that allow to change color theme of icons with double click method.



8 years ago

BorderLine + Canus = perfect :D


0.5.1 2 months ago

Fix big icons in Evolution on Debian based distros

0.5.0 2 months ago

* news icon
* xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin
* application-x-wine-extension-aspx
* winefile
* software-update-available
* software-update-urgent
* ibus-engine
* blueberry compound icons
* gnome-disks
* fix compound icons (move bottom icons on the left)
* Headset Icon
* Pen Drive + Card Icon
* Headphones Icon
* VPN Netowrk Icon
* E-Book Reader Icon
* audio-speakers symlink
* drive-multidisk Icon
* Anaconda Icon
* telegram icon
* SELinux issue icon
* VLC-Xmas
* dnf-dragora symlink
* M$ application-x-ms-application
* blivet icon
* Parole icon

3 years ago

[indent]JSON-File icon, System Reboot, Gstreamer Editing Services project file icon[/indent]
[indent]Fix large icons[/indent]
[indent]Nikon NEF, Wordpress, Freemind, pithos
Preferences, XFce panel menu, Application Engineering
Ufraw, new embeds, Themable System Upgrade
Gnome Panel, notification area, window list, window menu, Gnumeric
wireshark, pdfedit jdownloader, glade mimetype, Change monodevelop icon
Symlink to cups, pdfmod[/indent]

[indent] Add changeable wireless loading and missing symlinks, Fix license in README[/indent]

[indent] Add icons for Libre Office, Flash Player, changable Wireless, fix build scripts, add 16x16 pixel icons[/indent]

[indent] Add 4 icons, symlinks gzip version of 9 mimetypes. New theme dark canus. Remove shadows. Fix bugs.[/indent]

[indent] Add 8 new mimetypes, Dropbox icon and status icons[/indent]

[indent] Deb fixes[/indent]

[indent] Add 25 new icons for mimetypes, and 4 new applictions icons and some fixes[/indent]

[indent] Add status indicators for vpn conection, laptop batery, ups, keyboard, mouse and 97 new icons[/indent]

[indent] add 76 new icons and missing symlinks[/indent] -
[indent] some fixes and deb packages related[/indent]

[indent] Add symlink virtualbox-bin and thunderbird-icon
Add icons for Eclipse, qjackctl, kvirc, Calibre and KeePassX[/indent]

[indent] Add icon for caffeine.
Add rules for make to change distributor logos.
Add icons for Tuxtremsplit, Kmajhongg, Kshisen, Yahtzeesharp and Meld,
add missing symlink to applications-utilities[/indent]

[indent] Add icons for ailurus, avant-window-navigator, dockbarx, easytag,
EasyTAG_icon, filezilla, geany, k3b, palimpset, shutter, skype,
nautilus, qt, keyboard shortcuts, monitor preferences and lottanzb
Add new themes lux_caeruleus, lux_violaceus
And change-theme script with GUI to change color of icons.
Add icons for xfburn.[/indent]

[indent] Add symlink to gz and chm files, other subtitles files and add icon
for changelog.
Add icons for subtitles, Corel Draw, EPS, WMF and change AI, folder windows,
folder Internet, folder html, folder user, fix missing icons that stay
the same across different color schemes and update configure script to
check if building rules are valid.
Fix Fedora issue (This really strange but Fedora don't display svg files
that have specific comments between xml prolog and svg root tag)[/indent]

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