Ambiance 15.10 - BLACK

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Ambiance 15.10 - BLACK

Its essentially the same customized theme from Ubuntu 15.10. The main color of the uploaded theme is #292929. If you didnt like it you could change it to whatever you like. To do it just change the values of the @dark_bg_color in gtk-main.css file in /gtk-3.0 theme folder from the default setting to whatever you like. For applications not using GTK3 like LibreOffice, Audacity, Google Chrome and etc change the value of the color in line: color[bg_color_dark] = #your-color-here under the style dark in gtkrc (file is located in /gtk-2.0 theme folder) to be the same (or something else) as the one in @dark_bg_color in gtk-main.css.

The wallpaper is Clouds oil paint

Changes to the original theme:
1. Changed the color of theme to #292929
2. Windows are colored with mix from themes @dark_bg_color and @fg_color.
3. Added dark panel with the theme color in Nautilus.
4. Added theme color to the LibreOffice toolbar. Now it should respect the color changes of the theme.
- If you want to disable this feature delete libreoffice.rc from /gtk-2.0/apps theme folder, and delete the last line include apps/libreoffice.rc in gtkrc (file is located in /gtk-2.0 theme folder).
5. Terminal background color now uses the main theme color. To remove that delete the line background-color in the begining of the gnome-terminal.css (file is located in /gtk-3.0/apps folder) and uncomment the old setting above it.

Installing the theme:

1. Download and unpack the downloaded tar.gz archive to your ~home/YourUserName/.themes folder (if there aint one just create it).
2. Use Unity Tweak Tool or whatever app suits you to load the theme. To install Unity tweak tool open terminal window and type in: sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool, type your password, hit enter and follow instructions :)
3. Enjoy & comment please ;)


Thats all. Enjoy!
Ilian Dimitrov - AlKaTRaZ


5 years ago

man does not have to post a number number of issues just because they change color in a single posting can publish them all, also places two images so that you can see at least one




5 years ago

Point taken. Thanks :)


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