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Ambiance_TRANSPARENT_CUSTOM (less pixmaps)

This is the Ubuntu 14.04 Ambiance theme tweaked for transparency and color.

Changes to the original theme:
1. Added transparency to active and inactive windows

2. Changed windows borders to 5 px -It was hard to change window size with the 1 pixel border so ...

3. Changed the selection color in the OS to be more bluish - #8ea3bd, and #778899 for the Ambiance_STEEL_BLUE theme.

4. Changed the color of theme to #738e7b for the green theme,#55759e for the bluish theme, #ab9e75 for the gold theme and #3c444c for the Ambiance_STEEL_BLUE theme.

5. Windows borders and titlebars are colored with mix from themes @dark_bg_color and @fg_color. The idea is to simplfy things. Now to change the overall theme color you need to modify just the settings of the @dark_bg_color.

6. Added semitransparent png images for aditional effect of windows titlebars and borders.

7. Added dark panel with the theme color in Nautilus.

8. Changed close, minimize maximize buttons in dropdown mode - used image files from the Ambiance graphite theme by Ravefinity-project.

9. Moved the title of the windows to the right side.

- If you want to change that behaviour modify /-UnityDecoration-title-alignment/ parameter in /unity.css/ (file is located in /gtk-3.0 theme folder) from 1.0 to 0.0 (if you want the dеfault behaviour) or to 0.50 to center the title.

10. Added theme color to the LibreOffice toolbar. Now it should respect the color changes of the theme.
- If you want to disable this feature delete libreoffice.rc from /gtk-2.0/apps theme folder, and delete the last line /include apps/libreoffice.rc/ in gtkrc (file is located in /gtk-2.0 theme folder).

10-a. Added color to Google Chrome toolbar too. Changes are made to the chromium.rc file in /gtk-2.0/apps

11. Terminal background color now uses the main theme color. To remove that delete the line background-color in the begining of the gnome-terminal.css (file is located in /gtk-3.0/apps folder) and uncomment the old setting above it.

12. Removed from usage some of the colored pixmaps (*.png files) for better consistency. Instead of them are used gradients and mixed colors. Now the colors of most buttons and progressbar should respect the main theme color (if changed).
However the images arent removed and are still there (in /gtk-3.0/assets folder) if anyone wants to use them again.
To do that just delete/rename gtk-widgets-borders.css and gtk-widgets.css in gtk-3.0 folder. Than rename the files gtk-widgets.css.old and gtk-widgets-borders.css.old to gtk-widgets.css and gtk-widgets-borders.css.

Installing the theme:

1. Download and unpack the downloaded tar.gz archive to your ~home/YourUserName/.themes folder (if there aint one just create it).
2. Use Unity Tweak Tool or whatever app suits you to load the theme. To install Unity tweak tool open terminal window and type in: sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool, type your password, hit enter and follow instructions :)
3. Enjoy & comment please ;)

Theme tweaks:
1. To make menus and top panel transparent use Compiz config manager (CCSM). You can install it via Software center.
- Transparency of menus: Activate the Opacity, Brightnes and Saturation plugin in CCSM. Go to WindowSpecificSettings section in Opacity tab and click New. In the openened dialog in Windows field paste this(without the quotes): Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu. In Window values are the the transparency settings (higher value=less transparency).
- To make the top bar transparent go to Ubuntu Unity Plugin in CCSM. In General tab change the Panel opacity value to les than zero (mine is 0,300). The same goes to launcher in Launcher tab there is option Launcher opacity change it to your preferenced value.

2. The theme color can be modified to your own preference. To do it just change the values of the @dark_bg_color in gtk-main.css file in /gtk-3.0 theme folder from the default setting to whatever you like.
- For applications not using GTK3 like LibreOffice, Audacity, Google Chrome and etc change the value of the color in line: color[bg_color_dark] = #your-color-here under the style dark in gtkrc (file is located in /gtk-2.0 theme folder) to be the same as the one in @dark_bg_color in gtk-main.css. Thats all.

3. The size of the window borders can be changed in /gtk-3.0/apps/unity.css file. Open the file in gedit or some other app and change the values in line -UnityDecoration-extents: 28px 5 5 5 where 28px is the height of the top and the others are the values of the left, right and bottom borders.


Thats all. Enjoy and coment please!
Ilian Dimitrov - AlKaTRaZ
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