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AppHole is an Aqua/Macish theme. It has spiffy glassy/liquid buttons and pinstripe backgrounds. "

Original Author: Author:udasai

Included files - default one
Apphole - the Modified version u see in the screenshot
Umac icons as seen in the screenshot
The background pic in the screenshot.

What changed from original: on firefox the toolbar was grey and didn't bold too well and so I had to fix that up, the clock background selected colors were grey, fixed that up to go better with the theme.

I'm using hardy heron so a lot of themes don't change all the tooltips so whatever color that is I try to fix it up to match the tooltips colors that don't change, so it was greyish in this case which smooths it so it looks well and goes with the theme.

Other than those stated, nothing else has changed, etc.. except I did do replace all on the colors of the above and so far - no probs. :)
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12 years ago

upload to site - first...

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