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Experiments with Light Brush. The image is formed by light with minimal digital manipulation. As is.. :)


4 years ago

The consistency of the coloring with both main elements really make this photo work :)

The LP (light painting) effect is very good.

I am at the early stage of experimenting with LP, but have drawn inspiration from this photo.

Hope to see more like this :)





4 years ago

Thank you for the response to my small experiment :)

This is very simple to make if you have camera with long time exposition, tripod and handy light (white LED I have). Also you need a bit of patience and free time.

I have to use there first good flower from my wife "home garden" at my table. You can see the green lights on the picture, it is Wi-Fi router ;)

The advantage of a "light brush" is that you can make any light pattern, accent or hide unwanted scenes details. I applied 10 seconds camera exposition time in completely dark room and draw around the object. We take the best case if handy light focused in smaller point and camera set to lowest ISO sensitivity value (200 I have). For manual focusing I to use additional table lamp.

The result depend on your luck and imagination.

I'll take more pictures in this style, but I need some inspiration ;) I hope you too will be interesting to try.


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