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The Keneric KDE (KF5) thumbnailer is a generic thumbnailer. It is intended to be used when there is no dedicated KDE thumbnailer and there is a fast and simple way to get the thumbnail image (oneliner).

The Keneric can be used if you want to get more options to get the preview thumbnails.

The Keneric thumbnailer plugin is using a simple script to strip the thumbnail image from the file so the plugin can thumbnail the picture.

Included examples of:

* thumbnailing of .kra and .ora files
* thumbnailing of Blender files
* thumbnailing of Windows Metafiles

KReddit example: Preview of .stl files in Dolphin

KDE Forums folder preview example: folder.jpg pics display in dolphin

KDE Forums video preview example: Scripting KDE video preview thumbnails

Thumbnail tools

The thumbnailtools is small collection of apps and example scripts to manipulate the thumbnail files.

HowTo / Readme

A short readme.html is included in the both archives.

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3 years ago

This is a great piece of code. It has helped smooth my transition from KDE 4 to KDE 5 I have already added code to create thumbnails for opendocument and openxml files.

One issue is the use of a single file name for the image temporary file.

I added a third parameter from the Qt library to the shell script that passes a unique file name (actually just appending the process id) which appears to have solved this problem. Might I suggest that such an addition be incorporated into any future release.




3 years ago

Thank you - an unique name is a good idea. Added to the todo list of the 0.3.


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