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Now you can calc times.
So if you want to calc 23s + 1m 23s you can simple type ti :23+1:23 in Krunner and get the Result.
If you work with ":" you can let the leading "ti" simply away.

Now you can also use the hours format to calculate: 2.3-2.0+0.1 and you can use a mixed format: 2.3+::12-00:01:00
and so on!

And at last but not least you can convert between the two formats!

To install the runner script just type in the terminal:
plasmapkg -i

After that you have to restart KDE or only krunner.


7 years ago

I was just about to do a bunch of such calculations and then I notice this. It will definitely save some time and make me dumber in the process :)


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