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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/dangvd/ksmoothdock

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KSmoothDock is a cool desktop panel with parabolic zooming effect for KDE Plasma 5, with the focus on smooth zooming effect and being simple and easy to use.

KSmoothDock is written in C++ and depends on Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5.

For more information, please visit KSmoothDock's homepage: https://dangvd.github.io/ksmoothdock



You can either install from a binary package or from the source code package.

Option 1. (Preferably) Download and install from a binary package: Currently there is a DEB package for the Debian distribution and its derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint etc).
- To install the DEB package, use dpkg/apt command, or, simply click on the DEB package from the file manager to launch the default package installer (e.g. QApt)
- After the installation, KSmoothDock can be launched from the Application Menu (Utilities category), or from the command line by running:
$ ksmoothdock

Option 2. If you want to install from the source code (for example, if a package for your Linux distribution is not available), download the source code package and follow the steps below:

First, make sure you have required Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 development packages installed. On Debian-based distributions, they can be installed by running:
$ sudo apt install gettext extra-cmake-modules qtbase5-dev libkf5activities-dev libkf5config-dev libkf5coreaddons-dev libkf5dbusaddons-dev libkf5i18n-dev libkf5iconthemes-dev libkf5xmlgui-dev libkf5widgetsaddons-dev libkf5windowsystem-dev

For Fedora, install the following packages: extra-cmake-modules kf5-plasma-devel qt5-devel kf5-kactivities-devel kf5-kdbusaddons-devel kf5-ki18n-devel kf5-kiconthemes-devel kf5-kxmlgui-devel kf5-kwidgetsaddons-devel kf5-kwindowsystem-devel

To build, extract the ksmoothdock-6.1.tar.gz file, then, from within the extracted ksmoothdock-6.1 directory, run:
$ cmake src
$ make

You can now start the program by running the ksmoothdock binary created in that directory, i.e.:
$ ./ksmoothdock

You can also install the program by running:
$ sudo make install

After the installation, KSmoothDock can be launched from the Application Menu (Utilities category), or from the command line:
$ ksmoothdock

To uninstall, run:
$ sudo make uninstall

To execute the automated tests, run:
$ make test
Last changelog:

v6.1 18 days ago

1. Fixed some issues with building from source code on Arch, Manjaro and Fedora. Thanks the following github users for reporting and helping to fix the issues: omni6, shrinivas17081997, ttobsen, khongi, gzuaps.
2. New minor feature: added a shortcut-to-directory list in Edit Launchers dialog to make it more convenient to create a shortcut to a directory and make it more obvious that KSmoothDock supports it.


14 years ago


is there any way you can add drag-and-drop capability? like so you can just drag a file to one of the programs and it opens it?

this thing is so great.



14 years ago

Good job on this one, i love it :-)



14 years ago

Just wanted to thank you for this app, I've tried all the Superkaramba kicker themes and KXDocker, they all sucked more or less (usually more). This app on the other hand is just brilliant, its simple and it works. I wanted something similar for months! Thanks again :)



14 years ago

Just FYI, maybe not worth the effort. When I run it on my dual monitor setup, it is centered, which cuts it in half. In a dual monitor setup, have it be configurable for one monitor or the other.



14 years ago

You know? I like the smoothness of this dock, though I have a little request/enhancement that I think it could make it even better... What if you (developer) try to make the tooltip message to fade in/fade out everytime the cursor changes from one icon to another? I think that's the only thing that is been left out to make it as smooth as a baby...

It's just MHO!! :D

Cheers and keep the good work...



14 years ago

It actually compiles perfectly in Mandrake 10.1.

The first problem I face is that it copies the executable to /usr/local/kde/bin which is NOT my default kde dir.

The second problem is , that I cannot find a way to determine where is the (#*#*!%# default KDE dir.



14 years ago

Another one of those apps that won't compile. Lack of accountability for changes or some very specific code for a specific version of some library. This is bad news when you can't compile programs that are supposed to be generic linux apps.

Can't you guys get your acts together and create configure and make files that work right and work the first time?



14 years ago

Ok, can't seem to get this to work. Running Mandrake 10.1, downloaded and unzipped into a folder. Then ran ./configure of course got the error:

checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!

So I found my kde folder /etc/.kde
and tried this:

./configure --prefix=/etc/.kde

But still get the error, any ideas?

By the way the link to the Mandrake RPM is dead.




14 years ago

nice work!
-aplets(dont like the clock see styleclock aplet)
-autohide option(or importing some options from kicker: size,autohide,transparency,background etc)



14 years ago

..is there already a way of getting one on to ksmoothdock? if not putting one on the next version of KSmoothDock would bring an excellent app even closer to perfection. Having to keep a minimal taskbar for the systray icons and monitoring applets is a drag.



14 years ago

Stupid question: How do you get the systray apps to show up in ksmoothdock? I haven't figured it out yet so I'm stuck with a minimal kicker panel for systray in addition. I'd like to have just the one bar.

BTW, those who asked how to make the app start automatically: Just place a script in ~/.kde/Autostart ;-)



14 years ago

Is it possible to have the program start at login?



14 years ago

And there was me thinking I was being stupid so is it definitely the case that this cool app has to be started everytime at login.

Anybody else had to start it everytime after login.

I found somewhere in Mandrake 10, but I am now using 10.1 that you could list prog to start at login.

I shall look and advise the results of my endeavours.




14 years ago

Wow...this has great performance and nice prefernces/features ;)


1) Adjust the seperator width, currently its very hard to tell where the seperator is because its width is so small.

2) Remove the border around the app itself.

3) Notify the user when a new version is available.

Excellent work so far!! good job ;D



14 years ago

I love this prog, but that won't keep me from nit-picking. I'm using Mandrake 10.1 . Please see this image:

My ksmoothdock is placed on the bottom of the screen. Please note:

1) My desktop background is using a random slideshow. Notice how ksmookdock isn't sensing this and updating the screen accordingly.
2) Why is the program name all funky looking?

Great stuff, keep it up!!!




14 years ago

every time i start ksmoothdock
a window pops up and ask me
"do you want ksmoothdock to move the kicker to the top automatically for you?"
can i "auto-answer" this question??



14 years ago

hello, i tried to download the mandrake package for the ksmoothdock, but it is not working, the link is broken



14 years ago

I'm using Mandrake 10.1.. I get this out of my ./configure

checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!



14 years ago

try with the source tarball, it compiles very easily!

many thanks to the author for his work, it was exactly that I was searching for (transparent, hyperbolic zoom, easy to use and to configure) :)



14 years ago

I got the KSmoothDock installed, but i can't display the configuration interface.

How do i do to display it and then be able to fiddle with the settings ?



14 years ago

thanks i finally was able to install it.

i was wondering, is there a way to activate hyperborelic zoom and still keep the pager display with the wallpaper visualisation of each desktop.

Also is there also a way to make dock appear right after startup, instead of having to open the application manually.



15 years ago


I am observing the following error while trying to run make on the source code. I am working on red hat.

tooltip.cpp: In constructor `ToolTip::ToolTip(QWidget*, const char*)':
tooltip.cpp:44: `KeepAbove' is not a member of type `NET'
make[2]: *** [tooltip.o] Error 1

Please suggest !! :(



15 years ago

Great Job, exactly what I nedded for my desktop!
The only thing I'm missing il the preferences menu... i looked for the dcop command to make it start but I couldn't figure it out right... Any suggestion?
thank you!



15 years ago

My only complaint is that it is so awesome. The OSX'ers in the office may be loading linux on their wintel boxes now.

I just gotta quit mousing over just to watch the parabolic zoom when I should be coding.



15 years ago

This application looks great, I've been looking everywhere for a dock that works like the MAC dock. It runs well and once I turned off the pager it became very smooth.

My only request would be the ability to move its location, lside, rside, top, etc.


v6.1 18 days ago

1. Fixed some issues with building from source code on Arch, Manjaro and Fedora. Thanks the following github users for reporting and helping to fix the issues: omni6, shrinivas17081997, ttobsen, khongi, gzuaps.
2. New minor feature: added a shortcut-to-directory list in Edit Launchers dialog to make it more convenient to create a shortcut to a directory and make it more obvious that KSmoothDock supports it.

v6.0 1 month ago

1. Major change: Combines launchers and tasks, similar to Mac OS X and Windows 7/10, including the ability to pin/unpin a program.
2. Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash after removing a dock then change wallpapers

v5.15 4 months ago

1. New feature: New visibility mode: Windows Can Cover (Quiet)
- With this mode, the windows will completely cover the dock and the dock will not be activated if the user moves the mouse to that edge of the screen. The only way to see it is to resize/minimize the covering windows to uncover the dock.
2. Bug fix: Fixed a bug that caused a flicker if the user interacts with another dock on the same screen.

v5.14 4 months ago

1. Fixed a bug with panel transparency level conversion in the Appearance Settings dialog. For example, setting transparency to 42%, OK and reopening it would display 41%.
2. Changed the default values for panel transparency level back to 58% and show border to true. As default, this only affects running the dock for the first time and when the user selects Defaults in the Appearance Settings dialog.

v5.12 5 months ago

1. Added an option to change space between icons
2. Some optimization for the Task Manager
3. Minor fix/clean-up

v5.11 11 months ago

1. Added Panel Settings to the (right-click) context menu of optional components e.g. Pager, TaskManager and Clock, so that it is accessible from any part of the dock.

2. Fixed the bug where some of the non-KDE apps (e.g. Nautilus) don't show up in the Task Manager.

3. Minor bug fixes with the Task Manager, for example, with handling invalid window name regex in the icon override rules, or when checking skip-taskbar tasks.

v5.10 1 year ago

1. New feature: Task manager
- Task icons are sorted by program and creation time
- Can set up icon override rules to change the task icon depending on the program and task description, to help the user more easily identify the tasks belonging to the same program. For example, a Gmail Chrome window can be set to use a different icon from that of a YouTube Chrome window.
- Standard settings such as show tasks from all desktops/screens or only the current one.
- Only show tasks from the current activity to avoid accidentally switching activities.
- Task manager can be turned on/off from the main context menu.
- Right-click on the task manager shows the context menu for standard settings and icon override rules settings.

2. Minor Improvements:
- Launchers now show a visual effect when launching
- Improved visual in the borderless, 100% background transparency mode (which is now the default)
- Don't do the parabolic zooming if the mouse is just near the border, as quite often the user was just scrolling a window etc

v5.9 1 year ago

1. New feature: More visibility options for dock panels.
- There are now 4 visibility options: Always Visible, Auto Hide, Windows Can Cover (new) and Windows Go Below (new).
- Windows Can Cover (i.e. Intellihide) allows maximized windows to cover a dock panel. If covered, the dock panel will show itself when the user moves the mouse to the edge of the screen that the dock resides.
- Windows Go Below doesn't reserve screen space but maximized windows will go below a dock, unless the window is set to "Keep Above Others"

2. New feature: Wallpaper settings dialog.
- There is now a dedicate wallpaper settings dialog that allows the user to preview the wallpaper
- For multi-screen users: different wallpapers for different screens can be set. Note that KSmoothDock already provides the ability to set different wallpapers for different desktops. Thus, now, for example, if you have 4 virtual desktops and 2 screens, you can set 8 different wallpapers.

3. Minor improvements:
- Application Menu: now has an option to turn on/off reserving screen space when showing.
- Pager: now has an option to show desktop number.
- Pager: if no custom wallpaper has been set, it will draw rectangular translucent background with desktop number (like the pager in Plasma panel etc) instead of using "user-desktop" icon. If a custom wallpaper has been set, it will use the mini version of the wallpaper like the existing behaviour.
- Welcome dialog and Add Panel dialog: now have options to select the components
- Edit Launchers dialog: now has a Remove All button that will remove all existing launchers from the launcher list in the dialog. Of course the change doesn't take effect until and unless the user clicks Ok/Apply.

4. Under the hood: Code quality improvements.
- Better code separation between the model and the view
- Better automated testing coverage
- Increased usage of modern C++ style (C++ 11/14)

v5.8 1 year ago

1. New feature: Multiple Panels (Multiple Docks)
- The user can now add/clone/remove a panel
- The panels share the same appearance settings (e.g. background color, icon min/max sizes) but can be configured individually otherwise (e.g. the components, the launchers, whether auto-hide is enabled).

2. Minor improvements/bugfixes:
- Edit Launchers dialog now has a 'Launch a Website' command list to make it more convenient to create launchers to open Websites/WebApps.
- Using D-Bus Lock Screen command on a Launcher item now works properly, and it's been added to the D-Bus command list in the Edit Launchers dialog.
- Adds an option to set clock's font size to Large, Medium or Small. The clock's font size is still calculated automatically, but it will be scaled according to this setting.

v5.7 2 years ago

1. New feature: Application Menu
- Traditional cascading application menu, organized by categories
- Special menus/items such as Session, Power and Search (using krunner)
- Consistent look with the dock
- Automatically showing part of the screen to improve menu readability with translucent effect.
- Supporting drag action (dragging the menu items from the application menu to other destinations)
- Automatically updating itself when the desktop entries have changed
2. Various minor improvements/bug fixes

v5.6 2 years ago

1. New feature: Clock
- Can be turned on/off from the main context menu
- Left click on the clock shows calendar
- Right click on the clock shows clock's context menu with 24/12 clock format option and date&time settings
2. New: better support for multi-monitor
- If multi-screen is detected, there will be an option from the main context menu to select the screen for the dock to reside on
3. Various minor improvements/bug fixes

v5.5 2 years ago

1. New:
- Add settings for background opacity and whether to show border
- Add an Online Documentation menu item to the context menu
2. Various bug fixes and minor improvements in terms of display and UI
3. Improve automated testing

v5.4 2 years ago

1. New: Install/uninstall:
- Installing the program (by running "sudo make install") now adds an entry to the Application Menu (Utilities category) for easy access to it
- You can now uninstall the program by running "sudo make uninstall"
2. Bug fixes/Minor improvements:
- Scale the pager icons to the screen's width/height ratio if needed

v5.3 2 years ago

1. New feature: Edit Launchers dialog
- Easy to add/remove/edit the launchers
- Drag and drop within the launcher list to reorder the launchers
- You can also drag and drop from an external source such as K Menu to create new launchers
2. Bug fixes/Minor improvements:
- Add some icons to context menu
- Pager now refreshes automatically when the number of desktops has changed
- Pager: Non-zoomed items now do not clip zoomed items
- Pager: Setting wallpaper for a non-current desktop now doesn't temporarily affect the current desktop's wallpaper
- When loading launchers, the field codes (%) are now filtered out from the command

v5.2 2 years ago

1. New feature: Auto Hide
- Can be turned on/off from the context menu
- If turned on, hide the dock when the user leaves it and show it when the user moves the mouse on the edge of the screen that the dock resides
2. Bug fixes/Minor improvements:
- Corrects dock's height in vertical position with pager turned on
- Handles wallpaper loading error better
- Adds "Do-not-show-again" to wallpaper setting info message box
- If custom wallpaper is set with pager, draws a border around the pager icon for the current desktop
- Message box that recommends on the wallpaper setting feature of the pager, if it's not used (can be turned off with "Do-not-show-again")
- Corrects the icon of the default System Settings launcher item (the one created automatically when the user starts the dock for the first time)

v5.1 2 years ago

- New feature: Pager
+ Can turn on/off pager from KSmoothDock's context menu
+ Click on a desktop icon switch to that virtual desktop, or, if it's already the current desktop, show/hide the desktop
+ Can set different wallpapers for different desktops (this requires Plasma desktop widgets to stay unlocked)
+ If individual wallpapers are set, the icons will be the mini version of the wallpapers
- Bug fixed: KSmoothDock now shows on all virtual desktops even if launched from Plasma Quicklaunch

v5.0.3 2 years ago

- Bug fixed: KSmoothDock is now visible on all virtual desktops (if the user has multiple virtual desktops enabled).

v5.0.2 2 years ago

- Sync the settings to disk immediately when the user clicks Ok/Apply from the Settings dialog. Previously the sync only happened when the user exited the program.
- Use stricter compiling flags to help prevent potential bugs.

v5.0.1 2 years ago

- Bug fixed: KSmoothDock is now limited to one single instance only.
- Clean-up: Show Desktop is now more consistent with Plasma's show-desktop behavior.

v5.0 2 years ago

Major rewrite for KDE Plasma 5. Depends on Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5.

Currently the panel only supports launchers (including a Show Desktop item), but more features will be considered.

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Nice !!
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Excellent dock! Are there polans to provide an option to keep the dock visible on the desktop, but allow apps to cover them (i.e. when full-screen)? Either way, glad I found this. Nice work.
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