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Domino is actually best theme for kde what i ever seen. On screenshot are drawed some changes i imagine and hope to be seen in next domino version :)


10 years ago

This is a great mock up. I would really like to see a gradient-colored toolbar in Domino. I hope you guys make it, good luck!



10 years ago

I made a few changes myself too, but i don't think an screenshot will actually show them so i will try to resume here:

1) A baghira-like progressbar
2) Pushed/selected/active buttons are more visible [especially if you choose to draw toolbar as buttons.
3) Some stuff has been patched such as the cursor behavoir in the selected text.
4) some gradients fixed

Now, i don't like that much 1px borders since they are a little bit hard to resize, you can try 2, or maybe allow to user to configure them.

I would love to see your code, instead of posting the image it would be nice if you can post a patch, if yuou like i can send to you my patch and combine things togheter.

Best regards




10 years ago


This is only mockup. Actually i dont have a line of code. I have some ideas and i want to consult then. I am interrested in your modification (baghira progress bars seems to be a good idea). Please send me your code (diffs) at email from my profile, then i can contact you and we can to try create something ;-)



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