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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 83.6%

v18+ requires Plasma 5.8
v11+ requires Plasma 5.7
v2 is tested on Plasma 5.5 and Plasma 5.6

A reskin of the default plasmoid. Cannot be placed in the systray (use kmix instead if you want that).

* Vertical sliders
* Can change the media keys volume up/down percentage.
* Added links to alsamixer and pavucontrol in the context menu.
* Plasma 5.7: Can volume boost to 150% with the context menu
* Plasma 5.7: Can switch default speaker/microphone (and move all app streams to the device) with the context menu
* Plasma 5.7: Media Playback Controls
* v19: Keyboard Shortcuts (See config for a list)

After installing, System Tray Settings > Extra Items > Uncheck "Audio Volume". This will hide the default audio widget.

pavucontrol is not installed by default, so the context menu item will do nothing if not installed.

Arch: pacman -S plasma5-applets-volumewin7mixer

Translators: Fill out, paste into, click save, and comment with the link.
Last changelog:

v24 - January 28 2019 6 months ago

* Add @RValeye's french translations (Issue #8).
* Add @Vistaus dutch translations (Pull Request #9).
* Round up the volume percentage increment to avoid 50 => 59% instead of 60% when you have 10 steps.
* Scale properties dialog sizes by dpi + fix the headings when scrolling.
* Code cleanup.



2 years ago

> Also something has to be done about identically named channels, but upstream may be the better place for that.

When you hover the icon, what does it say the name+description for both of them?

I changed the name to be "Speaker" and "Mic" instead of the long and useless "Built in Analog Stereo". It will use that when the name starts with "alsa_output." and ends with ".analog-stereo".

* I'm unlikely to add AlsaMixer-like keyboard controls anytime soon.
* I'll probably do a "Speaker" submenu someday, I remember that iterating the speakers was a pain though so that's probably why I didn't add it.
* I don't think I'll be doing vertical text even as an option.
You're welcome to try doing some more heavy customizing by editing the file:
then restart plasma with:
killall plasmashell; plasmashell & disown



2 years ago

i mean keyboard *row* - not rom



2 years ago

Thanks for a nice widget! But why call it WIN7?




2 years ago

I wrote this before I found out about KMix, so I didn't know there was another "vertical" mixer with the same style. If needed, I can always change it to "Vertical Volume Mixer" if using Win7 ever becomes a problem.

Ideally, I plan on showing the current "volume" peeks like Win7. I've managed to do it with a seperate script based off reading pavucontrol's code ( ). I haven't merged it since there the "executeable" datasource doesn't "stream" a process. So I had to run a script x FPS per second, which spams top.

One thing I won't copy from Win7. One is scaling the volume's sliders to the max volume (that's the most annoying part of it).

I might eventually include a Win7 theme too (upside down isosceles triangle, but for now it works fairly well with themes.


v24 - January 28 2019 6 months ago

* Add @RValeye's french translations (Issue #8).
* Add @Vistaus dutch translations (Pull Request #9).
* Round up the volume percentage increment to avoid 50 => 59% instead of 60% when you have 10 steps.
* Scale properties dialog sizes by dpi + fix the headings when scrolling.
* Code cleanup.

v23 - June 5 2018 1 year ago

* Add "Profile" submenu for devices to quickly switch HDMI => Speakers for certain laptops, or from Stereo to Surround. Creating a submenu required a workaround to avoid a SegFault (plasmashell crash). While the workaround does work, please report if plasmashell crashes when opening a device's context menu.
* Don't send multiple "set volume" events when changing a left/right/etc channel volume.
* Add ability to open the a stream's context menu via the keyboard "Menu" key.
* Attempts to fix the Media Controller's various glitches.

v22 - December 26 2017 1 year ago

* Reimplement mouse wheel mute, wheel to control volume which was accidentally removed in the v21 refactor.

v21 - December 6 2017 1 year ago

* Add (proper) support for use in the system tray. Will open in it's own popup window.
* Unchecking echo cancellation will also uncheck the "list to device" if listening to the echo cancelled stream.

v20 - November 11 2017 1 year ago

* Use the same shape for the slider handle as Windows 7.
* Automatically close popup when selecting default device (can disable in config).
* Implement toggle for echo cancelling and microphone loopback.
* Show checkmark next to the default speaker/mic when 2+ devices.
* Hide virtual streams by default (configurable).
* Scale panel icon to the same maximum size as the other icons in Plasma 5.10.
* Begin packaging translations in the *.plasmoid (requires KDE Frameworks v37 to work). Reused some translations from the default volume and mediacontroller widgets.

v19 - March 29 2017 2 years ago

* Can now use keyboard navigation to select a stream.
** Left/Right: Select speaker/mic/app/etc.
** Up/Down: Increase/decrease selected volume (by same amount as volume keys).
** M: Mute/unmute selected stream.
** 0-9: Set volume to 0%-90%
** Enter: If a mic/speaker is selected, make it the default device.
* Selected stream will have a pulsating outline. Current default speaker is selected by default. Outline is hidden if you open the mixer with the mouse, but shortcuts will still work.
* Global shortcut will now toggle the popup.
* Fix the blue on gray theme using the color scheme rather than hardcoded colours.
* Fix toggling the volume boost, snapping the value to just over 100% causing it to remain in "boosted" state (with a max of 150%).
* Drag to 1% intervals when volume boosted (instead of 1.5%, 3%, 4.5%, etc).
* Possibly fix a binding loop when checking if you can seek through a song.

v18 - March 23 2017 2 years ago

* Raised minimum requirements to Plasma 5.8
* [upstream] Add volume feedback
* Show current version in the config.

v17 - March 21 2017 2 years ago

* Fix for the media slider starting at the length of the previous song. Thanks davidedmundson.
* Get rid of the 1px outline on the volume slider groove.
* The new volume slider layout will now be coloured based on the desktop theme.
* The previous volume slider theme/colouring (light blue on gray) can be selected in the settings.
* Add time elapsed & time left next to the song's progressbar like the default media controller widget. Both are toggleable, along with the option to show the total duration of the song.

v16 - March 15 2017 2 years ago

* Make the icon+label into a button that opens the context menu.
* You can now drag a microphone onto a recording app to change it's input. I only tested this with SimpleStreamRecorder and it added recorded both the desktop output and the microphone output at the same time rather than switching from one to the other.
* Overlay 'emblem-unlocked' when app isn't using the default speaker/mic. I may change the icon if a better one is recommended.
* Fuss with the volume slider triangle. It will now be thicker when volume is boosted.
* Make the group title (Apps/Mics/Speakers) into a button. It will probably be used for filtering unwanted streams in the future, but for now it just lists the items in it's group.
* Fix the label/icon when using the echo-cancel pulseaudio module.

v15 - March 14 2017 2 years ago

* Reskin the volume sliders to be triangular similar to kmix/win7.
* Allow placing the media controller at the top of the popup.
* Make the media controller slider taller.
* Scale the widget based on the DPI.
* Remove context menu link to the kcm like the default widget. It's still availble with "Audio Volume Settings..." > "Audio Volume".
* Map speakers with names starting with "bluez_sink." to a bluetooth icon.
* Add a properties dialog listing all the values for a speaker/app/microphone.
* Use 'google-chrome' icon for "chrome (deleted)" streams.
* Use the "microphone volume/mute" icons from the OSD for a microphones mute button.
* Add toggle for showing the OSD.
* [upstream] Mute volume when the slider is at 0%.
* When using the mediakeys, jump to 100%/0% if less than 1 step away.
* Compare the port key for "headphone" instead of the localized "Headphone" when deciding on the icon.
* Fix the mute button icon's hover effects.
* Fix all strings for localization with i18n.
* Russian translations are available in RosaLinux's ABF:
* Use doubles instead of ints for the mpris2/media controller's position/duration which are in microseconds since it was overflowing on songs/movies longer than 33 minutes.

Full Changelog 3 years ago

product-maker grusta Jul 31 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker palacio Jul 11 2019 9 excellent
9 excellent
product-maker brunofin Nov 13 2018 9 excellent
+This is better than the default volume mixer in my opinion.
product-maker yannux Nov 12 2018 9 excellent
Great widget !
product-maker Nano-Ocelot Sep 06 2018 9 excellent
+Never mind the problem fixed itself after a couple of reboots. I'm using it now and fully endorse it. I have another suggestion. Perhaps it's easier. The ability to give custom nicknames to devices or at the very least have a tiny distinction between certain ones. For reference, I have two mics (headphones and webcam) and they both just show up as generic "mic." I know it isn't a big deal to hover over and view the tooltip, but it'd be a nice touch. Regardless some way to quickly swap default outputs is my number one requested feature. I used an application called 'audioswitch' back on windows and it had a shortcut to do exactly that. It was convenient to only have to press two shortcuts to switch to another monitor and change the audio output to it as well.
product-maker baioc Aug 11 2018 9 excellent
should be made the default volume widget
product-maker flappysquirrel Aug 09 2018 9 excellent
product-maker mentis May 15 2017 9 excellent
product-maker obedlink Apr 04 2017 9 excellent
product-maker WIP42 Mar 30 2017 9 excellent
product-maker Animalfox Mar 26 2017 9 excellent
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