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Hey everyone,

I just thought I'd share this with you as is, as I won't work on it any time soon anymore (it works for me now, and I got tired of it).

This is a further developped version of ubermon, which itself can be found at There isn't much left of the original code, though.

This was the first time superkaramba for me, I really am just copy and pasting stuff, and have no idea of what I am doing. So don't expect any of the 1337 stuff others on this site have put up. None of this is magic, I just thought I'd spare you doing it yourself.

I am very bad about commenting, sorry about that.

I also didn't take the time to make a nice tarball, I just threw the scripts and stuff in one directory and tarred it up. Probably nothing will work out of the box, so the links n all will need fixing.

As said, this shouldn't be considered a theme done, or useable in the state it is right now.

Don't be scared though, the theme file is really easy to edit, and intuitive. Help can be found here: Since I don't know any python, I didn't use any. All you need to understand what I did here is a bit of sed and reg expressions.

One more thing: a lot of sensors are in this, it eats usually 2-7% of my CPU.

Main changes vs. ubermon 1 are: default font and stuff at the top and groups.

Now let me just quickly take you through the features of the screenshot:

User, Kernel, KDE and Uptime are just common stuff.
Xmms as well, I removed the click options, as I use keys for that. Klicking on the icon gives you the main window (same as xmms -m), which in turn can be hidden with alt w.
Speed, Temp, Load are gotten by scripts and x86info, nothing special.
Top threads: I checked the themes I found on kde-look, none seemed to work without python and they were hard to adapt. So I just parsed top.
RAM, Swap: as usual.
Partitions: as well.
Conn, Wlan, Ip: parsing of ifconfig and iwconfig.
Up, Down: built in.
Mail: didn't find anything suitable for maildir. I am now using a program called maildirtree, which gives me the unread mails in my inbox, and am using to procmail to write the incoming mails (subject and title) in a file. From there they are read and displayed. It is pretty stupid about this. Procmail will make sure that the file always contains only the latest two mails. The theme then checks wether maildirtree gives 0, 1 or >1 mails, and will display 0, 2 or 4 lines.
The Birthdays are being fed by a mysql backend, which you couldn't have, since I did it myself, so place whatever you feel like instead at this position.

This is clearly a pre-release, but maybe someone has somehow a use for it.
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