Finnish Weather

This is the Finnish Weather Karamba theme. It fetches weather forecast and
observation data from the Finnish Meteorological Institution's (FMI) website at (Copyright FMI).


10 years ago

- long overdue fix for FMI site breaking things up
- no longer transparent by default
- quite a lot bigger in size, partly due to FMI changing things, partly because I made the text bigger


- fixed a regular expression to reflect a change in FMI's website which broke the previous versions
- fixed some character encoding issues (utf-8 to/from iso-8859-1) with the city configuration dialog, it should work now on utf8 locales again (although it may now be broken on some older SuperKaramba versions).
- skz packaging format for a little bit of extra niceness for users of SuperKaramba 0.37 RC1 and later


- fixed some of the regular expressions so the weather observation text now works again, thanks go to Kari Somby.


- fixed theme to work with newer superkaramba versions (may break compatibility with old ones)
- doesn't show that ugly loading graphics if an old forecast image is found on disk, instead loading is indicated with the text below the image
- added background image (modified from MultiPlayer SuperKaramba Theme) so that the theme doesn't need a white wallpaper background to look decent
- replaced ugly loading graphics with a logo of sorts (you shouldn't be seeing it that often though, thankfully)
- text color is set to black and normal size
- some saner code (same stuff done with less work), you probably won't notice much of a difference

* MultiPlayer can be found at


- fixed annoying "errno 4" bug: sometimes opening fetched html and gif
files would fail with errno 4, resulting in either the theme
displaying only the loading gif or only the observation text below an empty
area where the gif should be. This has now been worked around (when
encoutering errno 4, a new open is immediately tried)


- Now tells the location (parsed from the fetched webpage).
- no longer blocks on fetching weather forecast and observation data
- added fancy README

10 years ago


minä rakastan sua :)


12 years ago


is the any change to have different icons? can u update it so there is automaticly few iconset.. ?


12 years ago


I'm sorry, but different icons are currently not possible, since the FMI website doesn't provide the actual separated forecasts in any form, just one big gif containing all five days forecasts. Theoretically some image matching could be done to detect what the forecast is and then display an appropriate icon from a different set, but I certainly won't be programming that.


12 years ago


I am not sure how this works but if you look at the picture long enough a Karamba theme appears in th e forground.



12 years ago


The wallpaper is from , of Cameron Diaz (try gallery #14).

And that thing about a Karamba theme appearing in the foreground if you stare long enough, well, it may go away again if you stare even longer.



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