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I love baseball. When I was "little" I wanted to be a baseball player. I never was quite that good, but I still love the game. For all of you other baseball lovers, I've created a little widget that will grab text from ESPN's Scoreboard and display it on your desktop.


Grabs scores from your favorite team

Auto updates scores

Clicking browser link will take you to the original site


After untarring the .tar.gz, edit the mlbkaramba.theme with a text editor. Change the team name (by default, 'NY Yankees'), to your favorite team's name, as copied from (e.g. Baltimore, LA Angels, or San Diego). Leave the quotes (' and ').


[li] for the original idea[/li]
[li] for the background image[/li]
[li]Everaldo for the browser icon[/li]


9 years ago

like it a lot. it's easy to configure and change it to any team you want, as well as font size and color, how much data you want to display etc. One little thing: it took me a while to understand that you need to install the 'linx' web browser in order to have it working.



9 years ago

Very nice! Thank you.


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