A solution to the Karamba re-login bug

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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Sorry if that's not a good place for this info, but i didn't know which one would be better.
I know that many people have this same problem with the re-login SuperKaramba 0.34 bug (themes after re-login are changing their's positions on the desktop). I read about this problem in many places (such as newsgroups and boards) in looking of solution and it would be difficult to share with it in each of those places. That's why i'm writing it here - where every superkaramba user looks :)

The main problem was that i couldn't set superkaramba in ~/.kde/Autostart because it was automaticly saved in kde session when it was being closed and then automaticly recovered when starting kde. So if SK was in Autostart, and wasn't closed manualy by me before closing KDE, then after next KDE start it was opened twice (1. because of Autostart, 2. because of the auto-save and auto-recover of session).
This auto-recover was the worst thing, cause there was a well-known bug (everything was great when i closed SuperKaramba before closing KDE, and when it was started from Autostart only, but it wasn't handy to close SuperKaramba before each exit).

Now i found the solution which lies in the Control Centre (i don't know exacly names in english language version. I mean this centre where "LookNFeel" menu lies too).
In this centre you've got to find a menu called "Components", and something like "Sessions' menager" into it. On the screenshot you can see how should it look.
In the dialog field write down "superkaramba" (as on the screenshot). You can write down also some other applications after a colon ( : ) if you want.
That means that superkaramba will be ignored in saving the KDE session when exit. So it won't be recovered when you start KDE again!
Now you only have to do a file in your ~/.kde/Autostart directory (the name of the file isn't important). This file should look like that:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=superkaramba /path/to/your/theme/file.theme /path/to/some/other/theme/file2.theme

(Only a space, gap, or how you call it between "superkaramba" and path to the .theme file! Only a gap too between the .theme file no. 1 and path to the other one!). After the "superkaramba" word you can write as many paths to the themes as you wish.

For me everything now works perfect.

Ok, that's all, sorry for my not-prefect english and write in comments if you don't understand something (but i'm not any linux-guru so don't expect every help from me).



16 years ago

Thank you,it is very useful.



16 years ago

How is this a bug? This is entirely a sessions issue. If you want to launch ANY program at KDE start (using autostart), you *MUST* start with a clean session. Otherwise, each KDE start will initiate an additional pid for whatever program(s) were still running when KDE was shut down. So, if you had 4 karamaba pid, your next start will add 1 and the next will add 1, so on, so forth.

Also, making a desktop entry doesn't work for everyone. I still have to use a bash script.

Just food for thought.



16 years ago

This problem has been driving me nuts for a while! Thanks so much for posting the answer! Awesome work!



16 years ago

Just curious, but have you posted in the superkaramba forums concerning this? If not, can you post what distro, version of KDE and any other important information about your computer that may contribute to this? It would help us solve this in superkaramba.




16 years ago

Ok, so I'll post it in superkaramba forums too in a moment.
I forgot about saying what distro it is :P
So, that's Mdk10, KDE 3.2 (20040204) and Kernel 2.6.3-4.



16 years ago

I had the same problem with superkaramba. Now with your solution the problems go away. Thanks for your solution and sucess...!!!


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