AnalogMachine Collection: TubeCPU

Karamba & Superkaramba

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I always liked metallic and/or old machinery looks on anything that is themable...
When I saw the TubeClock theme, I was thrilled... But nothing else had a similar look to combine!
First came the CPU and RAM modules as complete and total rip-offs from that code and grafics.
Isn't that the beauty of GPL? ;-)
But then I had this crazy idea about diskspace: just a dial with df's free-space isn't very helpful.
A "progressbar - like" meter is nowhere near that oldish, so... what about a VU-meter kind of thing?
But how do you move a needle on an analog panel? Good ol' GPL to the rescue again! Downloaded analogclock
and broke it to pieces, so the discVU theme is actually a _dual_ rip-off!


13 years ago

Why I only get CPU meter?
Memory and others don't display.


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