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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


PicoNet is a simple network traffic display with bars, graphs and text for IN and OUT traffic.
It is small enough to fit in your KDE 4.1 panel.

I wrote this because the lack of network monitors for KDE 4.1 panels.
Not supposed to be very stable. Fell free to update and improve it.

- KDE 4.1
- Superkaramba

- Go to "Add Widgets..." on Desktop or Panel
- Click "Install New Widgets" button
- Select "Install From File..." option from the drop down menu
- Select "SuperKaramba: Karamba Desktop Theme" option in the popup screen, then click "Next"
- Point to "PicoNet.skz" file you've just downloaded and then click "Finish"
- Add "PicoNet" to your Desktop or Panel and have fun!

Important: PicoNet only check for "eth0" traffic.
If you want to see other network interface data, please extract the package with ZIP application and edit "piconet.theme" file inside it.

PicoNet is based on TDE, wrote by Chip2003.
All credits for the sensor, bars, graphics and text codes goes to him. I just changed some parameters and removed unecessary contents.


12 years ago

The "piconet.theme" file inside the package is adjusted for a network connection with 250 Kb DOWN and 50 Kb UP.

If your Internet connection has different max values for download and upload, you'll have to adjust the "max" parameters inside "piconet.theme" file.

This is due to the fact that PicoNet is actually a SuperKaramba theme, not really a binary app with a configuration dialog.

Any comments on how to solve this, or if anyone is interested converting PicoNet in a real binary Plasmoid, with a simple configuration dialog, would be higly appreciated.




12 years ago

Good job on the theme. Just one nitpick. The text has a tendency to run over the edges of the theme depending on what plasma theme you are using. Even using the oxygen theme it seems to butt right up against the edge. Is there a way to correct this?


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