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I made this as a substitute menu for a royale theme I downloaded. Problem was, the button included with the theme had a nice, big, copyright violating windows logo. I made another one in inkscape, and it turned out to be a pretty good copy, only with tux instead of the windows logo.

I know that some of you would not like this on this site, but I'm sure someone would like it. If you rate it bad, don't leave comments about how it look like windows and that it is bad because of that. I want it to look like windows, in this case, but you can rate it down. I don't care about that. Just don't clog the page with anti-windows comments. I alreadly know what most or you will think of it.

To install in ubuntu:

1) rename the start button to "start-here.png"

2) go to /home//.

3) press " " to access hidden folders.

4) open the "icons" folder

5) go to the folder of you favorite icon theme. Open up the "32x32" folder.

6)replace the "start-here" immage with the new one, making sure that the new button is named "start-here".

Apply the theme, and set the panel with your gnome-menu to 32 pix.

If you have any questions, please post them, or any suggestions. Hope you like it :)
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