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New Video v0.4.x:
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This is an effort to create a KWin Script that integrates Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities from Plasma Desktop in just one component. More information in the WorkFlow Project Page.

Be careful you need to have installed the WorkFlow Plasmoid version 0.4.0 first which provides all the needed underground architecture:

Install through System Settings -> Window Behavior -> KWin Scripts
You should make a relogin in order for the script to appear in the list then you check it and apply the changes. You should make a relogin one more time in order for the script to be activated in plasma.

The script can be triggered with:
1) the global shortcut Meta+Ctrl+Z (which you can change if you want)

2) the plasmoid WorklFlow KWin Script Launcher to trigger the kwin script:

3) the WorkFlow official plasmoid by enabling kwin triggering instead of pop up in the configuration settings


4 years ago

- compared to the WorkFlow Plasmoid -

-- fixed version in metadata.desktop file
-- merge from 0.4.1 plasmoid version which fixes incompatibility with
Plasma Desktop 4.9

-- added two buttons on the right, one for configuration and one for closing the script
-- added TopLeft hot corner to enable the script and a global shortcut also Meta+Ctrl+Z
-- added an inline configuration dialog in order to set some settings (the settings can not be stored yet so they are per kwin session)
-- changed previews workaround and used default previews from kwin, this way exiting use cases appear... e.g. when scrolling previews in the Workarea Dialog the previews are croped
-- changed/added tweaks in order for all the features to be supported also with the kwin script

1 year ago


I just tried to download the kwin script via "Get Hot New Stuff", but that fails because seems to be down.

I've used the github repo to install the script for now, but it would be great to update the download links here (same goes for the workflow plasmoid)


1 year ago


Thank u for this... I have updated the download links...


3 years ago


doesn't appear to work with kwin gles.


3 years ago


I love it :)

Thank you for making it as a KWin script as well — it’s brilliant!



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